7 Fashion Trends From The 2023 Cannes Film Festival We’ll Be Recreating Stat

The social event of the season is here, and we all know what that means – blockbuster premieres, controversial screenings, and some seriously showstopping red carpet looks. We're sharing the seven hottest red carpet trends – and what they mean for your summer wardrobe – here.

By Julie Drake4 min read
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The 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival is upon us, and as we watch the ceremony unfold, we still find ourselves waxing grateful for events that actually occur in person (remember when the world shut down for two years? Yikes). Set in the dreamy French Riviera, the unofficial official beginning of summer symbolizes more than just a new epoch in film. It’s also the scene for groundbreaking moments in fashion, like when Princess Diana arrived in a powder blue Catherine Walker dress, or Natalie Portman premiered a shaved head for her role in V for Vendetta. It goes without saying that we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see what drama would unfold this year, and we’re happy to report that le drama did not disappoint.

When it comes to Cannes fashion, romance and whimsy are in the air at this slightly more relaxed event (as compared to the Oscars or the Met Gala). This is at least partially attributable to the fact that the event comes in the summer, instead of the heart of winter, when most of us are still in our hibernating hidey-holes from which we haven’t emerged in days (weeks). It’s a time for play and experimentation, and can set the tone for summer fashion while we see which trends A-listers are gravitating toward as the weather heats up. And they take their assignment seriously, because although their on-screen talent is unmatched, they know we’ll be watching their red carpet performance just as raptly – and they generally rise to the occasion.

We scoured the red carpet to see what the girls will be wearing this summer, and found the Cannes content any of us is really here for: the seven red carpet trends that will set the tone for the season’s high société uniform (which, btw, is an attitude, not an income bracket, and is therefore v inclusive).

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Ice Queen

Celebrity trendsetters of all ages, like Elle Fanning and Helen Mirren showed up to the festival in (main) character like some of the ice queens they have portrayed on film, and we couldn’t have been more delighted. The not quite sky, not quite powder blue hue is so pretty and flattering, and a refreshing departure from the classic colors we usually see at such an event. If you’re looking for ideas as to how you might recreate said energy for yourself this summer, look no further:

Moon River Smocked Puff-Sleeve Dress, $140

Asos Design Shirred Bardot Blouson Sleeve Midi Dress, $85

Anaya Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress, $148

Champagne Mami

We never turn down champagne in any form, and Cannes fashion is no exception. In all variations from nude to rose gold, the dazzling tone was everywhere this year, and we were delighted to see it again and again on the red carpet. From Uma Thurman to Gigi Hadid, champagne is proving to be the haute girl hue of the season, and it’s earning its keep. If you’re feeling the shade for summer fêtes, here are some pieces you might add to the rotation:

Seychelles Coney Island Sandals, $119

Show Me Your Mumu Reese Ruffle Dress, $198

J Crew Washable Silk Charmeuse Camisole Top, $98

Asos Design Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, $140

Bombshell Glam

Bombshell glam could be seen all up and down the red carpet, and we can’t help but think it’s a subtle swing away from the unisex fashion so ubiquitous as of late. These girls are all woman, and they want you to know it. Rocking the bombshell curls and full glam beauty, it’s a refreshing return to siren energy femininity, and we love to see it. If you’re looking to channel your inner enchantress this summer too, here are some surefire pieces that give bombshell status: 

Abercrombie & Fitch Satin Pleated Cutout Maxi Dress, $150

Asos Edition Sequin Cami Mini Dress, $200

Mac Duggal Indy A-Line Ruffled Back-Lace Chiffon Gown, $598

Blushing Bridal

These looks aren’t technically bridal, but you could have fooled us. As sweet as they are elegant, these blush bridal-inspired gowns represent a complete surrender to softness and romance, and are definitely Evie-approved. We love to see a woman embracing her femininity and not afraid to show it. Whether you’re an actual blushing bride this summer or not, here’s how you might play the role, regardless:

Pretty Lavish Bridesmaid Keisha Maxi Dress, $153

Sundress Juliana Dress, $152

Morning Lavender Tori Pearl Tulle Maxi Dress, $95

Citrus Reverie

My favorite variety of fruit wouldn’t necessarily have been a first thought as far as Cannes inspo, but it is now. These ladies are making me want to get a tan and dye my hair right quick. The bright colors on their olive complexions and chestnut locks is giving “take my breath away,” and has me googling “colossal citron gowns” at present. If you are likewise mesmerized, here are some real winners to consider:

Maeve Puff-Sleeve Pleated Dress, $148

Hutch One-Shoulder Pleated Mini Dress, $210

Forever That Girl Tiered Tulle Dress, $298

Genuine Class

What’s black and white and red all under? A timeless classic, Cannes edition. Genuine class is the name of the game at Cannes, and these beauties obviously understood the assignment. If there’s a case to be made for a look that’s more timeless than a black and white gown, I haven’t heard it. Indeed, there’s something to be said for tradition, and these looks undisputedly say it all. If you’re looking to class up your act this summer, here are some things you might try:

Rouje Amel Dress, $175

Free People Butterfly Babe Maxi Dress, $198

Mango Two-Tone Floral Dress, $300

Hill House Home The Lace Ribbon Ellie Nap Dress, $395

Moulin Rouge

Monochrome is always in, and even more so en France. What better way to manifest success than to one-up the most iconic part of the entire festival – the red carpet itself? It’s like a walking version of “who wore it best,” only the comparison is beneath their feet, and time and time again the ladies proved victorious. The official European color of Summer and Romance, our hypothesis that rouge is the fastest coloristic pick-me-up is proving correct – and we’re thinking of ways to incorporate more of it immediately. If saucy’s your name and Moulin Rouge is your game this summer, here’s where you might start:

Mango Puffed Sleeves Cotton Dress, $80

Rouje GIUIA T Shirt, $70

Anthropologie Sweetheart Bow Dress, $170

Mac Duggal Tiered Asymmetrical Halter A-Line Gown, $498

Permission To Bloom

If summer trends weren’t already in motion before the Cannes Film Festival began, they certainly are now. By way of their chic looks and confident demeanor, A-list celebs showed us the red carpet trends that will no doubt influence the summer wardrobes of fashionistas all around the globe. And if ever there were a time to experiment and get outside your fashion comfort zone, c’est now. Summer is the perfect season for play and reinvention – why not try out that alternate character you’ve been brewing inside? If you’ve been waiting for permission to rock the bombshell curls and deploy your siren energy, consider it granted by the Cannes red carpet.

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