Is He Done With The Under 25 Rule? Leonardo DiCaprio Is “Getting To Know” 27-Year-Old Model Gigi Hadid

By Nicole Dominique
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Leo and Gigi

Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen with model Gigi Hadid. Is it a PR stunt to clear his name? Or is it an honest attempt at dating?

Newsflash! Leonardo DiCaprio might finally break his cycle of dating women under 25. The Titanic star has been spotted at the New York Fashion Week with Gigi Hadid, fueling dating rumors. (Kinda funny that he was at the spot where hundreds of models hit the runway – predictable, really). Page Six is claiming that the possible duo has been seeing each other for weeks, and one source says they’re “getting to know each other” but aren’t exactly dating yet. Then again, according to ET’s mysterious source, “Gigi and Leo are dating and into each other." So as of right now, all we have are rumors. Still, with the two being spotted out together, it begs the question: Will Leonardo finally branch out and break his “under 25 rule”? 

Just last week, a source said that Leonardo has been eyeing Gigi for some time now. At the time, though, articles were saying that Gigi wasn’t interested. It’s possible that things have changed since a spy spotted them at a table together. “Leo was with his guy friends and Gigi was with her model friends and they were all hanging out at a table,” the spy said. DailyMail added blurry photos to their article that apparently show Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio with their hands on each other. Just months before, DiCaprio broke up with his ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone, and the creation of viral memes took over the internet. DiCaprio has a track record of breaking up with his girlfriends soon after they turn 25, and users were convinced that he only had a preference for women who were in their early 20s. But the memes haven’t stopped, even though rumors of Gigi and DiCaprio have been circulating online.

DiCaprio first met his ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone when she was only 12 years old through her former stepdad, Al Pacino. In 2018 – 13 years later after their first meeting – she and DiCaprio started getting romantically involved just after his split with Nina Agdal (who was – you guessed it – 25 years old at the time). As for Gigi, she was in a relationship with Zayn Malik for nearly six years. She gave birth to their baby, Khai Hadid Malik, in 2020. The pair split not too long after news came out of Zayn Malik allegedly striking her mom, Yolanda Hadid. Since then, Gigi has been single for three years, so it will be interesting to see what her next move might be. Whatever happens, we wish Gigi the best of luck!  We want to know what you think about Evie! Take the official Evie reader survey.

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