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Southern style is very different compared to other parts of the country. People tend to dress more minimalist and muted in the North, whereas colorful patterns, big hair, and lots of accessories take the reins in the South. No matter where you live, you can follow these loose rules to achieve a classic Southern look.

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If you want to maintain a classic Southern style no matter where you live, there are a few things you can keep in your closet to keep up appearances. Specific patterns scream “the South,” as well as specific items of clothing.

We'll discuss five wardrobe staples every Southern girl needs to maintain her traditional looks. 

1. Gingham Print Anything

This is one of the most defining patterns of Southern style. If you don't already own a few button-down shirts with the gingham print, you might not be a real Southerner yet. This quintessential preppy print is a chic and sophisticated style that looks great on anyone.

You're not limited to button-down shirts, either. You can find this print in shirts, dresses, pantsuits, or jackets. It's incredibly versatile and makes anyone look instantly more polished and pulled together. Stock up on clothing items in this print, and you'll be feeling Southern preppy wherever you wear them.

2. Get It Monogrammed

People from the South are unapologetically proud of their heritage. They view their names as essential parts of their identities passed down to them from previous generations. Look around any Southern town, and you'll spot a lot of monogrammed items. 

Southerners love putting their initials on items like purses, hats, and sweaters. It takes a mundane item and turns it into something special and unique to their identity. Monogram a couple of your things, and you'll see what we mean. Monograms are an absolute staple of any Southern gal’s wardrobe.

3. Find a Great Pair of Boots

You can't think of the South without conjuring up images of cowboy boots and big hats. Sure, the cowboy boots can seem like more of a cliché than a reality, but you'd be surprised! Cowboy boots are popular among Southerners, and owning a nice pair is basically like a right of passage. 

You can wear a nice pair of boots to pretty much anything in the South, and that includes some formal affairs. That's how beloved they are in their precious home states. You can find a great pair of handcrafted boots to fit your specific measurements online these days, which means you don't need to live in the South to find the perfect Southern accessory. 

You can't call yourself a Southern girl without owning a solid pair of boots!

4. Have a Signature Scent

No true Southern lady would be caught dead leaving the house without spraying on some of her signature scent, whatever that may be. Having a signature scent is a huge part of being a true Southerner. Most people even know the exact perfume or cologne their parents and grandparents wore. That's how important a fragrance is.

Some perfumes and colognes can mimic the fragrances of your favorite Southern cities. The South is sunny and filled with beautiful gardens and fragrant flowers. Scents infused with lavender or jasmine are very classically South, as well as aromas with fruity undertones. Think of why you love your favorite Southern city and look for those reasons captured in a fragrance. 

A signature scent that reminds you of the South is the perfect wardrobe staple to stay close to your roots. 

5. Choose Nautical Themes

Look at prints by Southern companies and you'll notice a pattern – most clothing and accessories are nautical themed. You can find dresses and graphic tees covered in whales, flamingos, or anchors. There are several companies dedicated to selling clothes with these exact designs. 

If you want to build a genuinely Southern wardrobe, you should start stocking up on nautically themed clothing. They're fun and brightly colored, and you'll stand out if you're in a non-Southern city. Nautical-themed clothing is not just reserved for beach parties – you can wear these clothes anywhere (as a true Southerner would). 

Closing Thoughts

One thing about Southerners is that they’re not subtle. Their fashion choices are more like big statements – they wear big hats, boots, hair, and bright patterns and accessories. If you want to capture Southern style with your wardrobe, go big or go home! 

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