Take A Page From Grace Kelly’s Book On How To Dress With Modern Elegance

American starlet turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly was a great dresser, and you can achieve some of her elegance by modeling your look after hers.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Take A Page From Grace Kelly’s Book On How To Dress With Modern Elegance

When you think of grace, who else comes to mind but Grace Kelly? She was of course known for her work in films as one of the most famous leading ladies of the ‘50s. My personal favorites are Rear Window and High Noon, if you have a hankering for some old-time movies. But she was especially known for The Country Girl, for which she earned an Academy Award for Best Actress, and for How to Catch a Thief. And of course, she became Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III, which pretty much only solidifies just how much poise she carried herself with. 

She grew up in Philadelphia where she first took up performing in local plays. Fate ultimately had a hand in her acting career: Her uncle George Kelly was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, and he helped guide her through the early days of her acting career and encouraged her, even though her parents didn’t see acting as a viable option.

Kelly and Rainier actually met on the set of a photoshoot at the Cannes Film Festival. The two would soon marry as Rainier needed to produce an heir to the throne to prevent Monaco from becoming a part of France. It was a big ceremony, and when Kelly took on the role of princess consort she left her life of acting behind (her films were even banned in Monaco). 

Rainier and Kelly shared three children together: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stéphanie. Unfortunately, Kelly died as the result of a tragic car crash when she was only 52. But the memory of the way she held herself lives on. Whether working in movies or in the humanitarian work she did later in life, Grace Kelly is known for having great style. Here’s how you can style some outfits like she did to replicate her elegance.


Are you really an old Hollywood starlet or retro style icon if you don’t wear a headscarf? Well, Grace Kelly sure did. This accessory has come back into style with the TikTok trend involving the scarf and a pair of sunglasses. But TikTok trends aside, the headscarf is a really classic look, especially for a car ride where the wind would otherwise make a complete mess of your hair.

Sweetheart Neckline

Grace Kelly really knew how to pick out a great dress! The sweetheart neckline is a great way to bring out your femininity without sacrificing any class. 

Retro Swimwear

If you’re going to go to the beach, you should do it in style. The wonderful part about retro swimsuits is that they let a woman’s figure shine without revealing too much. If you keep your eyes open, you can often find a suit with a retro touch!

A High Collar

Think that a low neckline is the only way to stand out? Think again. A high collar can be completely darling. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look attractive. With her bright smile and polished hair and makeup, Grace Kelly shows that sometimes a high collar is just the ticket.

Flats and Kitten Heels

Leave your high heels at home! Grace Kelly was always in flats or kitten heels. They’ll be more comfortable for your feet, easier to walk in, and will let you focus more on everyone around you since you won’t be thinking about how much your feet hurt. 


What could be more elegant than a single strand of pearls? If you want a necklace that goes with just about everything, then you really can’t go wrong with a pearl necklace. Buy a good quality strand, treat it well, and it’ll last you a lifetime. Heck, you’ll probably even be able to hand them down to a granddaughter someday!

Emphasis on the Waist

A detail worth noticing about everything Grace Kelly wears is that there’s always definition around the waistline. This is so important if you want your outfit to flatter your figure! You want it to be cinched there to show off your beautiful silhouette. 

Long Skirts

For some it might be all about the mini skirt, but with Grace long skirts and dresses were all the rage. And this longer length has actually come back into fashion recently, so finding a midi skirt isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. 

Subtle Detailing

The majority of Grace Kelly’s wardrobe was solid colors to be sure. You definitely wouldn’t find her frolicking in a bold printed dress the likes of which you might see at Anthropologie. But subtle details and prints that weren’t too outlandish were definitely in her wheelhouse. They add intrigue to a look without feeling overbearing. 

Relaxed in Button-Down Shirts

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a photo of Grace Kelly in a t-shirt. A button-down shirt was about as relaxed as her wardrobe got. A button-down shirt is a style staple for a reason. Pretty much any style icon you can think of used them to her advantage. And you should too!

Closing Thoughts

Grace Kelly’s style was so classic that if it weren’t for how casual the modern dress code has become her looks would blend right in. But if you incorporate the different style rules she dressed by, it’s actually pretty easy to dress like Grace Kelly in 2021!

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