25 Stylish Maternity Outfits You Wouldn’t Catch Our Moms In

Pregnant and feeling uninspired by boring maternity clothes? Don't throw in the towel just yet! You don’t have to ditch your personal style to accommodate your adorable baby bump.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen4 min read
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Whether you’re five months along or a week past your due date, there are tons of ways to dress during your pregnancy that don’t include those shapeless, couch-like patterned dresses you find in the maternity section. While your mom had limited options for her nine months of daily looks, you have tons of pieces and aesthetics to choose from as you style your growing baby bump

Here’s a tip for you pregnant mamas: you don’t have to shop in the maternity section if you don’t like the selections! Some brands, like FP Movement and Ivy City Co., have adorable and stylish clothing options that were designed for your bump. However, you can also shop the stores and styles you already love – just size up to accommodate your belly. 

If you’ve been feeling a little more Adam Sandler than you want during your pregnancy, we’re here to help! Here are 25 perfect pregnancy outfits for any style aesthetic! 

1. Button-Down + Jeans

Two words: button-down shirts. This will quickly become one of the most worn pieces in your wardrobe during your pregnancy (and probably after too if you plan on breastfeeding!). You can wear these tops with jeans, buttoned or unbuttoned, and style them dozens of ways. 

2. Ribbed Jumpsuit + Platforms

Who doesn't love a grab-and-go option for the day? A chic ribbed jumpsuit will not only be perfectly comfortable for your bump, but it'll also make you instantly look like one of the fashion girls.

3. Summer Maxi Dress 

The summer maxi dress is the perfect breezy outfit for beach days, shopping, and day dates with your hubby. You won’t get sweaty, your bump will look super cute, and you can wear one for any occasion. Yay summer dresses! 

4. Linen Set + Bikini

Loved matching sets before you were pregnant? There’s no reason not to wear this comfortable, flowy outfit all year around. And yes, wear the bikini. Show off that baby bump without sacrificing your favorite swimwear!

5. Bodysuit Activewear 

Pair your bodysuit (we recommend FP Movement X Hatch maternity, or Bumpsuit) with a comfortable pair of sneakers and high socks for an adorable, on-trend look. 

6. Cut-out Bodycon Dress 

Are you typically one to make bold statements with your clothes? You certainly don't need to stop while you're pregnant. Fully embrace your bump with a cut-out bodycon dress with you in mind. Definitely something you wouldn't have caught your mom wearing in her day!

7. Matching Sweat Set 

If you love a good matching sweat set for lounging at home or running some errands, grab a size up for a comfy outfit while pregnant! The matching pieces add a chic touch to an otherwise effortless outfit, and it looks super cute in a neutral color with sneakers and a statement-making crossbody bag. 

8. Knit Pants + Oversized Blazer

Perfect for the business mamas, this oversized blazer look is effortless, yet stylish! Knit pants and a bodysuit add a comfortable but elevated touch to the overall look. 

9. Overalls + Off-the-Shoulder Tee

While your mom likely had a pair of overalls in her maternity rotation, they probably weren’t this cute! And, she definitely didn’t pair them with a fashion-forward bodysuit like this off-the-shoulder number. Instant heart eyes for this easy pregnancy look!

10. Parisian Stripes

Channel all the French girl vibes with a striped set and boucle jacket! This look can easily be dressed up or down with your choice of footwear, and is definitely something you’ll want to wear once your baby is born. 

11. Cargo Pants + Cropped Top

Sun’s out, bump’s out! If you love wearing cropped tops in the summer, don’t stop while pregnant! This look is stylish and cute with your growing belly. 

12. Silk Midi Skirt + Blouse

Have an event on the calendar? Don’t shy away from the silky fabrics you loved pre-pregnancy. Use this opportunity to pair together some of your favorite pieces and show a little bump in your look!

13. Oversized Blouse + Cowboy Boots 

Just like a flowy dress, a loose-fitting oversized blouse is the perfect top to wear during your pregnancy. Add a pair of comfortable shorts and a cute pair of cowboy boots to channel your inner coastal cowgirl!

14. Bodysuit + Drawstring Pants

If your jeans no longer fit and you’re tired of wearing dresses, consider adding a comfortable pair of drawstring pants to your wardrobe! A cargo pant or parachute pant will stretch with you as you grow, and a bodysuit is the perfect top to keep you covered.

15. Blouse + Wide Leg Pants

Showing a little bump with a frilly, feminine blouse is a fun way to style your pregnancy outfits! Add a pair of wide-leg pants to balance out your proportions, and as always, throw on a fun accessory, like a hat or jewelry. 

16. Cardigan + Bike Shorts

If you want to elevate your mom’s basic maternity cardigan look, try pairing a knit oversized cardi with bike shorts. Add a chunky sneaker and some gold jewelry for an updated rendition of your mom’s favorite pregnancy outfit. 

17. Formal Wear

Don’t stray away from textured fabrics, bold colors, and fun details in your formal wear just because you are pregnant! Advertise the bump with the cut-outs, leg slits, and necklines you would normally wear – just size up!

18. Crochet Top + Knit Dress

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is here to stay – and you can definitely participate while pregnant! A neutral-toned knit dress paired with a crochet sweater is the perfect beachy look while staying comfortable throughout the summer. 

19. Cropped Top + Matching Set

Rihanna showed us that the “belly out” style can be just as cute as it was before the pregnancy announcement. A cropped top and matching skirt moment is perfect for vacation, date night, or anytime you want to dress up with the bump.

20. Sundress + Button-Down Top

Another coastal-inspired look is a sweet sundress layered with a button-down! This outfit is on-trend and feminine, without sacrificing comfort. Add any shoes you like for the perfect go-to casual outfit. 

21. T-Shirt Dress + Blazer

T-shirt dresses are easy to style and comfortable to fit over the bump. Buy the dress in a size bigger for during your pregnancy, and then you can wear it as an oversized dress postpartum. Throw on a blazer to dress it up, and add a pair of white sneakers to balance out the look!

22. Linen Sets

Whether you just found out you are pregnant or you’re past your due date, the linen set is a must-have outfit you can wear on repeat! This loose, breezy silhouette is perfect for covering the belly, and you can easily wear this look when breastfeeding. 

23. Shirt Dress + Sandals 

One of the best pieces to have in your wardrobe, during and after your pregnancy, is a shirt dress! This versatile dress can be styled casually or dressed up for the office, looks great with sandals, and has plenty of room to accommodate a growing belly. It’s also super chic!

24. Wide-Leg Pants + Cropped Sweater

We love this matching set for running errands, coffee with the girls, or lounging at home.​​ The coordinating colors and fun silhouette make this look perfect for pregnancy. 

25. Straight Leg Jeans + Blazer

Smart casual meets baby! Finally, if you can still wear your fashion-girl jeans, throw a blazer over the top and roll back the sleeves for some cute bump styling! This look is professional yet feminine, especially with a pointed toe shoe, and definitely not something your mother would have worn. 

Closing Thoughts

There’s no reason to lose your personal style while growing a human. Embrace that bump and get creative with your fashion during this special time. You got this, mama! 

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