25 Romantic Gifts To Give Your Husband For Valentine’s Day To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your husband can be tricky. And perhaps a bit daunting. With so many choices and different types of gifts to sift through, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

By Jenny White6 min read

With the following list of 25 gifts to help spice up your sex life this Valentine’s Day, you’re sure to have an unforgettable holiday with your hubby, even if you don't leave the bedroom.

There’s something here for every man that will go right along with your own specific tastes and budget. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on finding the perfect gift that will surely help you set the mood. 

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1. A Staycation 

A staycation is always a great idea when you can’t be away for an extended vacation but have the spare time and open availability for a shorter vacation much closer to home. 

Expedia offers searchable staycation packages that can fit your budget and your specific theme. A romantic staycation away from the kids where you remain just close enough in case of emergencies could be just what the doctor ordered. Make this gift extra special by booking everything in advance and surprising him with a packed suitcase ready to go the day of!

2. Male Shaving Kit

Shaving kits for men are a fantastic way to demonstrate that you honor and treasure your man’s masculinity by way of his personal hygiene and grooming. 

The Art of Shaving offers a variety of male shaving kits complete with soap, shaving brushes, and high-quality razors. It’s a great way for your man to smell wonderful and be smooth in all the right places to oblige you in initiating sex on your beautiful day together. 

3. Pheromone Spray for Men

People tend to balk at the idea of pheromone spray, but studies have shown it can work

Nexus Pheromones offers a spray for men with good reviews. Your man will drive you mad with a potent cocktail of specific pheromones that will attract you to him like bees to a beehive.

4. Romantic Dinner for Two

A romantic Valentine’s Day dinner where you two can relax and intimately enjoy a romantic setting with great ambiance will help to enhance your Valentine’s Day celebration together. 

Good Housekeeping gave us a list of the most romantic restaurants in all 50 states. You may also search “romantic restaurants near me” in your browser, and an array of establishments geared towards adult-themed romance will pop up. 

5. Sex Playing Cards

Sex playing cards are a fascinating way to spice up your sex life on Valentine’s Day and all year round. There’s an element of surprise in each card that offers adventure and eroticism that you may have yet to discover together. It’s a fun gift of enjoyment you two can partake in mutually. There’s a wide array of playing cards available to help you explore sex in a variety of ways. 

6. A Bottle of His Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Some men enjoy a stiff scotch (pardon the pun) or gin, while others may enjoy a mixed vodka or whiskey. 

Mobile delivery sites like Online Liquor have all you're looking for and more. From your more inexpensive liquors to the exotic to the finest in the world, you’re sure to find that perfect bottle for your husband to enjoy. 

7. Your Own Bottle of His Favorite Perfume

Almost every man has a fragrance that’s among his favorites for the woman he loves. 

I realize you’re supposed to be buying him a gift, but the gift of you smelling sumptuous may be the greatest gift of all. And you can always combine it with the many other gifts listed here that will make your day even more memorable. 

Fragrance Outlet definitely has what you’re looking for with hundreds of varieties of fragrances he’s just going to love on you.

8. A New Set of Lingerie

Lingerie is always a big hit on Valentine’s Day. And red lingerie often fits the occasion. Surprise him with a pair you know he'll love on you.

Lingerie Diva happens to be a personal favorite of mine, and they have a full selection of cuts and styles to choose from. As you can see from their decorative header, they’re definitely ready for Valentine’s Day, and you’ll be ready too by choosing from their very wide collection. 

9. High Heels 

Sometimes you just want to wear that exotic high heel that can only be worn in the bedroom. And teamed up with sexy lingerie, it’s sure to set his heart and mind racing.

Ego Shoes has a large selection of inexpensive and more sexy, exotic heels that can fit any woman’s budget. Even some adorned with feathers!

10. Nitric Oxide

You may not know this, but the natural compound nitric oxide, often found in beetroot, stimulates circulation with the same effects as Viagra. And the good news is, you can both use it to help enhance your libido. As with any supplement, it’s wise to check with your doctor for any potential side effects that may occur.

Mix up some beetroot into your favorite juice, and within a couple of hours, you’ll both be raring and ready to go.

11. Intimate Massage Oil

Sensual edible massage oil, anyone? This is sure to be a very stimulating choice in turning up the heat and turning on your man.

Many massage oils have a heat ingredient added for extra stimulation. Now imagine just how far you can take him erotically when you kiss him and rub him down. He’ll love it.

12. Sensual Candles 

The Sensual Candle Company can assist you in finding the right candles for your Valentine’s Day mood. One very special candle they produce called Femme is scented with a combination of white peach, vanilla, orange, and champagne. Men adore these female scents that offer polarity in contrast to their own scents. Men are more musky; women are more flowery. Try them out and see which one is your favorite.

Alternatively, you can gift him a candle to sit on your bedside that's more on the nose.

13. An Aphrodisiac Dessert Tray

Switch up your go-to charcuterie and surprise him with a dessert tray sure to get you both in the mood. You'll need figs, strawberries, watermelon, and chocolate to dip them in. Make the moment extra sexy by adding a silk eye mask on the tray and blindfolding him to guess which fruit he's eating after dipped in chocolate.

14. An Erotic Poem

Ever thought of writing a sensuous and erotic poem for your man? Poems & Quotes gives us a how-to on how to write seductive poetry. What better gift than that of your own words? Where you tell him in full, descriptive, sexy detail what you want to do to him?

15. Jeans That Accentuate His Physique

Don’t you just love the way your man looks in a stylish pair of jeans? 

Silver Jeans Co. has jeans of every variety to accentuate your man’s physique. And you can whisper softly in his ear just how sexy he looks and ask him to wear them on your Valentine’s Day date. Then tell him they’ll be in a ball on the floor shortly after you return home.

16. Gift Bag with Various Goodies

You can always construct a gift bag chockful of any of the items on this list. You can print out selfies, make cards, and embellish them with erotic poems. And you can throw in his favorite cologne for good measure. 

Here’s a Pinterest board with 150 ideas to inspire you to give your man a combination of gifts he’ll be sure to love.

17. Hand-Casting Kit

The idea of a hand-casting kit can not only be commemorative, but the intimacy of hand-holding is always very romantic. 

Walmart has a Valentine’s Day hand-casting kit for couples. What a unique and inspiring way to show your intimacy for each other in physical form through a cast to be made and enjoyed by you both. 

18. Love Coupon Book

This is such a fun way to get your man to feel frisky. Many of the themes surrounding love coupon books are rated PG, but you can create your own with much more spicy and redeemable sexy activities. 

Place them under his pillow. Put one on his windshield. Toss one into his toolbox above those screwdrivers, and let him redeem each of them on your very special day.

19. Sexy Selfies

Sexy selfies are always a titillating gift for men to receive on Valentine’s Day and any other day. However, a great Valentine’s Day selfie could be you in red lingerie or a video of you spreading red rose petals all over the bed that he’ll view on his way home from work.

Be creative and get his juices flowing. Take a group of selfies with a Valentine’s Day theme and let him fantasize about what awaits him when the day arrives. 

20. Erotic Texts Building Up to the Day Of

Another great gift is flirty, provocative texts spread out over the entire week before Valentine’s Day itself. 

“I can’t wait to feel your hands on my…” on Tuesday afternoon. 

Then, “I love the way this feels, don’t you?” on Wednesday night. 

Let the anticipation build over this period of time, and he’ll be ready and raring to go come Valentine’s Day, guaranteed.

21. Gift Certificate for His Favorite Meats

Nothing screams “get my testosterone pumping” like a good selection of quality meats. This is especially true if your husband is a grill man. Meat to men is like makeup products to women. It’s a masculine thing that gives him the oomph to be more of a man. And that’s always sexy. Giving a man a select package of premium meats might not seem like an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, but to a man, it will be. 

“She knows how much I love tri-tip. Now, I’ll make us one that will she will love.” A man’s fabulous and skillful cooking is always sexy.

22. A Leather Jacket

The Jacket Maker has a very vast selection of high quality tailored leather jackets for men that are stylish. 

Nothing says, “I’m a man,” like a great quality leather jacket that looks even greater on him. And the scent of leather itself is very masculine. 

23. A Gold Chain

Depending on your budget, your man may appreciate a gold chain. And perhaps a pendant to accompany it with some thoughtful engraving. That always makes for a beautiful gift for a man who likes jewelry.

David Yurman has a variety of men’s gold jewelry, including chains and pendants, to compliment his style. Curb or box chains are particularly masculine cuts that he will be sure to love.

24. A Humorous Gag Gift

If he’s a hardworking man bringing home the bacon, chances are he’s also a bit stressed on the job. And he likely finds himself biting his tongue because his work atmosphere doesn’t allow him to be politically incorrect.

The Things I Can’t Say Out Loud in Meetings book is a fun gift that will allow him to let off some steam, which will always help him to feel more relaxed and in the mood. 

Then he can share what he wanted to say out loud with you instead. Lots of inside humor to be shared between the both of you where you get to see inside his mind, and to make you laugh with his own jokes and stories.

Laughing and mischief don’t seem sexy, but it is when you can both take the edge off and bond through his storytelling and humor. 

25. A Memento of Something Very Thoughtful He Did for You 

Did he come and change your tire last year when you were stranded on the side of the road with a flat? Did he come to visit you in the hospital after surgery, and you were scared and he stayed with you and had to miss work?

Make a simple memento to remind him how much he means to you. You can construct a card with a picture of that special moment, telling him it meant the world to you that he loved you and supported you throughout. 

Just the act of being thoughtful and considerate with him will often pack enough punch for him to want more intimacy with you. Letting him know how much you respect and appreciate him will open him up sexually.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it. 25 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can definitely combine, switch up, and customize to fit your budget and, more importantly, your man’s unique and individual tastes.

Much of the time, it’s being thoughtful with a man that will prompt him to open up to you and desire to be intimate. Make him smile, laugh, and stir his emotions through your thoughtfulness. And the sexier gifts will work well too. 

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