15 Of The Most Cringey Baby Announcements Ever

By Meghan Dillon··  5 min read
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There’s not a whole lot more exciting than announcing a pregnancy or birth. It’s easy to get caught up in your enthusiasm when announcing it on social media which could result in some cringey posts. We totally get it... but that doesn't mean we can't benefit from giggling over some of the worst.

Not all of us are Rihanna, who nearly broke the internet in February with her pregnancy announcement, so it’s safe to say that some of our posts aren’t quite as glamorous and well-thought-out (yet, still somehow effortlessly cool) as hers.

After seeing countless posts on social media with the classic pair of tiny baby shoes next to a simple letter board announcement, many of us simply want to be unique in our approach when sharing our joyful news. We think up these elaborate plans in our head of how we can get creative, yet sometimes, even with the best intentions they turn out... well not quite how we imagined.

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be in good fun. Most of these posts are cute on paper, but poor in execution. We're laughing with these ladies, not at them.

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of some of the most cringey baby announcements on the internet.

1. Is That Safe?

I can see how this looked like a good idea on paper (minus the shirtless dad in the background; someone tell me why that was necessary), but is the baby able to breathe okay through that fabric? The poor child has only been on this Earth for what we can imagine to be a few days and it already looks miserable.

2. A Recipe for What?

I get what they’re trying to do here, but this is the definition of TMI. I can’t get passed the “3 pumps daddy mixed with love” part; do people on social media really need to know the details?

3. Why Is the Dog Wearing Underwear?

Having your dog in your pregnancy announcement can be endearing, but the line is crossed when you put your dog in a Calvin Klein set and a straw in your belly button. Snaps for creativity, but the execution felt like she was trying way too hard.

4. Zero Points for Slytherin

I can’t help but think that this is an attempt at a Harry Potter reference (like “mind if I Slytherin?”), but the live snake makes it even weirder. And how did they get the snake anyway? Did they break it out of a zoo? Is it their pet? I have so many questions about this entire photo.

5. You’ve Got To Bee Kidding Me

Two questions: Why would you do this if you’re allergic to bees? Why would you do this in general? It may look artsy, but it’s certainly not safe for any expecting mama.

6. No Words

I get that they’re trying to be funny and the baby onesie is kind of darling, but the matching shirts are beyond...well, gross. Imagine her parents or grandparents' reaction when they saw this picture. Cringe.

7. Why Is the Goat There?

She looks beautiful here, but was the goat really necessary? The caption says, “One of our goats and I were both pregnant with twins and due the same week. I made her dress up and take maternity photos with me.” I'm sure the goat was thrilled. Charming in your head, not so much in reality.

8. Bad Puns

I’m confused. Was the baby conceived in Jamaica and this is their tongue-in-cheek way of announcing it? It’s the only explanation that makes any sense, but it’s still a thumbs-down.

9. We Get It, You Had Sex

This was probably funny the first time someone did it, but it’s so overused that it’s an automatic cringe. 

10. Not a Slam Dunk

Snaps for the creativity – it’s basically a dad joke in a picture – but the execution just sends a shiver down my spine. At least this guy’s wife was a good sport to play along.

11. Whose Idea Was This?

Who made this? And who agreed to participate? I just want to talk, because why?

12. Cute Concept, but Missed the Mark

This would’ve been adorable when “snowflake” didn’t have multiple meanings, making this the ultimate "cute on paper but regrettable in execution" post.

13. Hey, Spiderman

The Spiderman kiss is so overdone, why do you have to bring it into your pregnancy announcement? It was sweet in 2002, but that was 20 years ago. Maybe try a more recent reference?

14. Is That an Alligator?

I loved this at first because it’s unique, but the alligator throws me off. It looks like a poster of a reality show about super rich people living in a swamp (it’s giving Vanderpump Rules meets Duck Dynasty), which totally negates the pregnancy announcement. Plus, why is the kid holding the alligator's leash?!

15. Could You Be More Unoriginal?

The idea of a pregnancy announcement with a first kid being disappointed is so overdone. And the toddler isn’t actually old enough to understand that a sibling is on the way, so did the parents just wait until she was crying about something else and then stick the ultrasound in front of her and snap the picture? It gives off the same vibe as the moms who mock their kids on social media for likes and attention.

Closing Thoughts

From messages that are TMI to poorly executed ideas, it’s easy to find cringey pregnancy and baby announcements on the internet. So while you're dreaming up all of the fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy, make sure to think about how it would look in reality. Sometimes even the cutest ideas turn out totally cringe-worthy in photos. And if you're coming up short, remember that a classic "we're expecting" announcement with a sweet photo of you, your husband, and your growing bump never goes out of style.

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