No, It's Absolutely Not Okay To Give Your Toddler Food That Says, "U Piss Me Off"

Just when you thought the internet couldn't get anymore toxic, there's a growing trend of moms who mock their children online in order to get clicks and views.

By Gina Florio2 min read
tiktok u piss me off

The toxic mommy culture finds it absolutely hilarious when mothers exploit their children for tasteless humor and jokes. This comes in many forms, whether it's sharing a video of their kid crying as they're upset about something, posting a picture of their son cross-dressing to promote the parent's sick trans agenda, or complaining incessantly about how much their kids drive them to drink a bottle of wine every night. The newest addition to these insane displays of toxicity is moms delivering nasty messages to their young children who can't read yet.

This Mom Gave Her Daughter a Mean Message in Her Food

A mom who goes by @emma_moonbeam on TikTok thought it would be hilarious to share a video of herself offering food to her toddler with a message spelled out. Her two-year-old daughter isn't able to read yet so the mother thought it would be appropriate to spell out "U piss me off" on her lunch plate.

"Love her really," the mother wrote in the caption.

Equally disturbing were the responses in the comment section. Moms not only found this psychological abuse to be a real knee slapper, but they chimed in with sick responses of their own.

"Hilarious. I'd do the same but mine can read now... So they get 🖕 behind their backs," wrote one mom. "Wholesome with a twist😂 it’s funny how these ppl are mad but don’t know that kids are demons sometimes 🤨😅," another wrote. "After reading some of these comments it’s clear that most people don’t realize their kids are little assholes sometimes……" yet another person chimed in.

These people are sick in the head at best. Only a culture as depraved and amoral as ours would glorify this kind of behavior and find it to be positively entertaining. The excuse of "she can't read yet" doesn't even begin to justify this kind of behavior toward innocent children who look to their mother for comfort, love, and guidance in this world. It's safe to say that a mother who acts like this toward her toddler will only have nastier things to say and do to this precious child when she reaches her teenage years.

What's worse, she has inspired other TikTok parents to send their own children explicit, cruel messages through food.

Yes, motherhood is hard. It's especially hard when children throw tantrums or misbehave or fail to listen to our instructions. But there is nothing about a child's behavior that warrants this type of toxic treatment. A father with the username @munchimart thought it was funny to record himself feeding his toddler a snack that had "dick head" written on it. He tagged @emma_moonbeam in glee. These people have lost their minds.

This points to a larger problem in our culture: mothers exploit their kids on social media and turn them into the public butt of a joke just to feed their own selfish ego and garner clicks and views. Mothers like this one are desperate for attention and likes online, and they will do anything in the world to get what they want, even if it means mistreating their children for kicks and giggles.

Of course, this mother loved her five seconds of fame and used all the attention to create several more videos about her toddler in which she agreed that her daughter was in fact a "demon." All we can do is hope this young girl grows up to be a well-adjusted adult.