15 Feminine Spring Hobbies We’re Adding To Our Calendars Immediately

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and our seasonal depression has lifted! Now that our energy has defrosted, it’s time to find a feminine hobby to enjoy this spring.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen4 min read
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Intentionally choosing a hobby offers a delightful alternative to scrolling on your phone, mindlessly watching TV, and pointless online shopping (or all three at once!). There are so many distractions that pull you away from your actual interests and talents, which is why you need to find an inspiring activity that brings joy to your life and removes stress. 

Another benefit to feminine hobbies is that they offer a small break from your usual tasks and provide the opportunity to take some time to grow yourself, especially if you consistently give yourself fully to your kids and husband, or even your job. Taking time to practice femininity in your free time is essential for personal growth and relaxation during the week. 

Ready to find your newest activity for the spring season? Let’s get into it!

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Watercolor Painting 

Painting is a wonderful spring hobby because it relieves stress and can be done outdoors. Even without natural artistic talent, you can begin painting as your newest hobby with paint-by-number kits and watercolor painting, which are foolproof ways to create beautiful floral artwork for fun! 


If you don’t know how to sew but always wish you had learned as a young girl, take this opportunity to make sewing your new spring activity! Sewing requires a bit of time and effort to master, but once you know the basics, you can continue to grow in your skills and create new fashion and home items with your own hands. How rewarding is that?!


Embroidery is easy to learn and doesn’t require a ton of time or money to get started. You will need embroidery thread and a needle set, which can both be bought at a craft store for under $20. One current trend is to embroider your reusable bags, specifically the classic Trader Joe’s canvas bags, with spring florals and fruits. This activity is a perfect way to show off your new skills! 

Start an Herb Garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a major undertaking, especially if you don’t have abundant outdoor space. However, starting an herb garden is a lovely way to dip your toes into the gardening game! Start with your most used herbs in cooking, such as basil, cilantro, and mint, which don’t require a ton of attention. You can grow your herbs in mason jars or build an adorable garden stand for your yard. 

Outdoor Yoga and Pilates 

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself soaking up the sunshine in a healthy, feminine way. If this sounds like a lovely change of pace, then you should add outdoor yoga or pilates to your calendar today! You can join a regular class with a yoga instructor or find an online instructor with a pace you enjoy, so this hobby works actively with your lifestyle as well. 

Outdoor Biking 

Is there anything cuter than riding around town on a bike in springtime? Put on a cute outfit and enjoy the sunshine as you coast around your neighborhood or on a bike trail. You can even swap out driving for a bike ride if you have errands nearby or simply pedal your way to the flower shop! 

Hot Girl Walks

Tired of the fluorescent lights and overcrowded gyms? Hot girl walks are making their appearance on sidewalks everywhere again this spring, and you should definitely participate! Put on your cutest athletic set, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and a podcast as you walk around the neighborhood. This hobby is good for your body and your mind! 

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Make Sourdough Bread

Baking your own bread is another feminine hobby that has wonderfully delicious results. Ask for some sourdough starter from one of your like-minded friends or make your own at home, which you can feed and use repeatedly to make different breads (bagels, pancakes, rolls, etc). 

Bullet Journaling

Order yourself a new set of doodling pens and start bullet journaling this spring! This style of note-taking and personal tracking is a great way to stretch your artistic muscles. You can draw, add stickers, and format your to-do lists, calendars, and other journaling basics. 

Give Yourself a Manicure

Why not choose a feminine hobby that saves you time and money? Learning how to do my nails at home was my pandemic hobby, as I spent plenty of time sitting at a desk for online classes, and it’s one of my favorite self-care activities every week. A basic manicure set will work just fine, with a nail file, nail buffer, nail clippers, and cuticle sticks, and then you can grow your collection of polish shades as you get more advanced. 

Check out these helpful tutorials for easy nail-art you can do while watching your favorite show! 


Reading made its feminine comeback in recent years with the emergence of #booktok and its growing online popularity among women. This hobby is ideal for someone who wants to cut the doomscrolling and instead pick up a new skill or visit a new place, all from the comfort of your favorite chair. Although, in this gorgeous spring weather, I’d highly recommend grabbing your book and laying outside! 

Need a couple new books to add to your personal library? Check out my favorite reads from last year

Decorate Cakes

Cake decorating isn’t just a Galentine’s day activity (heart cakes, I’m looking at you)! Baking and decorating beautiful cakes is the perfect reason to host a small gathering of girlfriends or to simply treat yourself after a successful week. You can find tons of inspiration and tutorials on Pinterest for different decorating styles and then hone your skills with each cake you bake.

Decorate Your Home

If decorating your home feels more like a chore than a hobby, this is your season to find joy in customizing your space! Spend an evening on Pinterest searching for inspiration and look for a few DIY decor items or renovation ideas that you can work on as a hobby. Imagine showing off your home to guests and sharing the pieces that you made when they inevitably ask where you bought the item! 

Unsure how to begin your DIY home decor hobby? Here are a few ideas! 

Learn an Instrument 

Remember those lovely, well-rounded women from your favorite Victorian novel? Well, they all could play at least one instrument – the piano, the harp, the violin, etc. Learning to play an instrument is a beautiful way to foster physical and emotional health while also relaxing, as it releases happy hormones to your brain as you play. 

Make Candles

Candles from major brands and big box stores are filled with so many toxins that can affect your mood, your fertility, and your overall health. To remove these unnecessary artificial products from your home, try making your own candles with natural materials! Essential oils each have their own benefits for your health, and you can choose which natural wax you prefer: beeswax, soy, coconut, or rapeseed. Plus, homemade candles make perfect gifts! 

Closing Thoughts

With so many things demanding our attention, it can be difficult to find a hobby that is feminine and relaxing without a screen. Try one (or all!) of these hobbies for a lovely spring season!

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