15 Easter-Approved Outfits You Can Create With Clothes Already In Your Closet

By Nicole Andre··  5 min read
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Who doesn't want to wear a stylish outfit for Easter? We are here today with your last-minute outfit guide to celebrating this holiday in style. Here are 15 ideas for what to wear this year with clothes you probably already have in your closet.

Easter is a great holiday – you get to dress up more than normal and wear all the fun, spring pastel colors! It’s just a few days away, so save your time (and money) by pulling together the perfect outfit with clothes you can find hanging in your closet. Chances are you already own these spring shades and staples, so whether you’re going to church, brunch, or an egg hunt, we have all the Easter outfit inspo you need!

1. Pastel Midi Dress and Open-Toe Heels

Midi dresses are great because they’re flattering for every body type! One tip for petite women is to go for an open-toe heel because it will give you some added height and elongate the line of your leg. 

2. Jeans and a Pastel Tee

If your Easter activities are a bit more casual and you want to stay comfortable but still feel feminine, go for a cute pastel tee and a pair of jeans. We know you have jeans in your closet, and we bet you have a pastel t-shirt somewhere too. Break it out, and bam, you have an Instagrammable Easter #OOTD. How easy was that?

3. Floral Midi Dress

Floral midi dresses are on our must-have list – especially in the spring! You can't go wrong with a sweet floral print for Easter. Just slip on a pair of sandals, and you’ll be set for the day.

4. Clean and Classic Staples

If florals and pastels aren’t your style, then go for the spring-appropriate basics you have in your wardrobe. Think white jeans, a white blouse, and light blue tones. They’re classics we all have, and they work great for Easter.

5. Flirty Mini Dress

If it’s appropriate for your Easter plans, a mini dress can be a super cute choice. We’re partial to ones that have ruffles on the sleeves and an A-line silhouette that’s flattering for all body types. 

6. Mini Dress Paired with a Cardigan

One way to add some coverage to your mini dress is to pair it with an adorable cardigan. Not only is it a perfect layer for spring days that can start off chilly and warm up fast, but it can also make your outfit more tasteful depending on where you’re headed. 

7. Gingham

Want to add some Southern flair to your Easter outfit? Go for the gingham dresses you'll see all over the South starting on Easter Sunday. They’re a classic you can wear time and time again and will help you stand out from the sea of floral patterns this weekend. 

8. Wide-Leg Floral Pants and Sandals

If you have some, floral pants also make a great option for Easter Sunday. Flowy, wide-leg trousers can be super flattering for people with larger body types. If you’re more petite, we have an article with some tips on how to make this style of pants work for your frame. 

9. Maxi Sundress

We had to throw in a bump-approved Easter outfit for our pregnant ladies out there (although you can obviously wear this style too if you aren’t expecting)! Maxi dresses with some simple slide-on sandals are ideal for combining comfort and fashion this Easter. 

10. Statement Blouse and Jeans

If dresses just aren’t your thing, go for a statement blouse and jeans. You know the blouse in your closet you love but never wear because it feels just a little too fancy for every day? Here’s your occasion. 

11. A Spring Coat

One beautiful way to add some spring color to your wardrobe if you live in a climate that’s still cooler on Easter is a pastel coat. You may already have one in your closet, but if not, a classic trench works too. 

12. Midi Dress and Jean Jacket

Another charming outfit you can easily throw together is a midi dress and jean jacket combo. We're willing to bet that you have both of these items in your closet just waiting to be worn!

13. Skirt and a Knit Top

A skirt and a knit top gives you a lot of flexibility and pairing options. For warmer weather, a knit top with short sleeves is perfect, but any light sweater or even a cardigan will do. 

14. Dress It Up with a Headband

One way to make an outfit you’ve worn countless times feel more special for Easter is to add accessories, like that headband you bought but never wear. Consider your stylish Easter outfit complete. 

15. Floral Shorts and Ankle Boots

If you have a pair of floral shorts (or even a skort) but are struggling with how to dress them up for Easter, try some ankle boots. They will make your shorts dressier without looking like an odd pairing. 

Closing Thoughts

Easter is such a fun holiday to dress for – pastels still reign supreme and the weather around the world is (usually) heating up. Get creative with pieces you already own and style them in a new way for an Easter #OOTD that won't be easily forgotten.

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