10 Things Real Women Should Be Doing For The Man In Their Life

We talk a lot about what real men should be doing to treat the women in their life well, but what should a real woman do for her man?

By Keelia Clarkson3 min read
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We’re all for calling attention to the kind of behavior, qualities, and treatment women should expect from the man in their life – respectfulness, faithfulness, strength, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and chivalry all come to mind. We should expect more than the bare minimum, u up? texts, last-minute Netflix and chill dates, and zero commitment.

But we can’t forget that men aren’t the only ones who should step up their game and treat the other with respect. We focus so heavily on how men need to mature, grow, and conduct themselves that we often fail to ever consider how women should be acting.

Just as women need to have standards when it comes to men, men also need to have standards. They deserve to find a woman who’s willing to treat them well, with love and respect.

So what exactly should a “real” woman be doing for the man in her life?

1. Supporting Him

We all want to be with someone who believes in us, encourages us, and adds to our life rather than taking away. It’s important to make ourselves a voice in his life that will always be in his corner and support his endeavors, making him feel capable of anything he puts his mind to.

2. Complimenting Him

It’s not just us ladies who like to hear “You look good.” Sure, he doesn’t spend a whole hour on his hair and makeup, but he’ll always appreciate it if we comment on how nice his shirt looks on him, or that we’re liking the new product he’s using in his hair, or how bright his eyes are today. Take every opportunity to make him feel special.

3. Letting Him Have “Guy Time”

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a girls’ night in with our best friends, watching movies and sipping wine and talking through the night. But when it comes to our boyfriend having guy time, many of us immediately squirm. We might be jealous for his attention or feel left out. But unless we have a valid issue with his friends (in which case, he just needs better friends!), we should encourage him to have time with his buddies, making sure not to fall into the possessive, ever-present girlfriend trap without meaning to.

Be a voice in his life that will always be in his corner and support his endeavors.

4. Taking Interest in His Hobbies

We certainly find it endearing when he takes interest in our favorite “girl” show, or asks to listen to the singer-songwriter we’re currently obsessed with, or wants to be part of our next baking endeavor – so why not do the same for him? Even if his hobbies/interests are ones we wouldn’t like on our own, we should try to see what he loves about them. So the next time he’s playing a video game, ask him questions about it and root for him. Or sit down and watch the football game with him and cheer for his team.

5. Dressing Up for Him

There’s something about seeing our boyfriend in his nicest jeans, smelling of cologne, with his hair coiffed. It makes us feel good to know that he put effort into his appearance for us, so let’s return the favor. Surprise him by wearing a new dress, doing something different with your hair, or trying out another perfume on your next date, putting your best foot forward for him.

6. Respecting Him 

We all long to be respected by our significant other. It’s essential that we show him healthy respect, whether by trusting his abilities to solve an issue instead of taking over, or talking him up when we’re out with a group of friends, or valuing his perspective on a work problem we’re facing. Let him know you think he’s capable and that you respect his abilities.

7. Keeping It Positive

There’s always something we can complain about. Maybe our boss was snippy with us, or the takeout food order we’d been looking forward to all day was messed up. It’s not wrong to vent sometimes, but we should stay away from always being a source of negativity – especially because he likely has his fair share of woes already. Instead, try to be a person he can count on to feel better around, who creates positivity in his life.

Let him know you think he’s capable and that you respect his abilities.

8. Thanking Him

A little recognition goes a long way. Make a point of expressing gratitude regularly, even for the little things, like holding the door open, carrying your luggage, or offering his coat. And make sure he feels appreciated, recognized, and valued by singing his praises every now and then: “I’ve noticed how you’re always willing to talk through whatever’s been bothering me. Thank you for that. It means a lot.”

9. Laughing at His Jokes

Whether or not he’s stand-up-comedian-funny doesn’t actually matter. Being the person who laughs at his silly jokes and quips will mean the world to him, especially if he doesn’t get many pats on the back. He’ll feel like you understand him on a deeper level just for giggling at his joke.

10. Being Honest

Aren’t we all a little bit guilty of passive-aggressively saying we’re “fine” when really we have a long list of complaints and bones to pick? Well, it’s time to stop making him guess what’s really bothering us. Be kind but up-front the next time he asks you what’s going on in your head: “Honestly, it really hurt me when you said that. Can we talk about it?”

Closing Thoughts

If we expect the man we’re dating to act respectfully, faithfully, and maturely, then we should hold ourselves to the same standard. It’ll make for a much healthier, deeper connection that can withstand the tests that come along.

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