Date Night Outfits For Going Out Or Staying In

Date night is a great excuse to spruce yourself up a bit, and luckily we’ve got all the looks, whether you’re headed out or getting ready for a low-key night at home.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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Whether you’re going out on a first date or have been married for years, spending a little extra time getting ready for date night is never a bad idea. You can bet he’ll love it, and let’s be honest, so will you!

Even if you’re only going to stay home and watch a movie, putting on something cute is always a good move. It can help it to feel more like a date night and less like just another day of the week. Make things special! Do your hair, wear a little makeup, and put on a cute (but, yes, still comfortable outfit). 

If you never seem to know what to wear or just feel like you need a little inspiration to help you change things up a bit, don’t worry. I’ve got your back with some of the prettiest date night looks for going out or staying home, so keep reading.

Over the Top and Fun

Who says you can’t go all out to have a burger and fries? Wear the sparkles, wear the polka dots, wear your fun suede boots. Let yourself have some fun with the way you dress, especially when it’s date night. You can work on your communication skills in your relationship while expressing yourself through fashion! Sounds like a win-win to me. 

A Wrap Dress

I love wrap dresses because of how versatile they are. Paired with heels you can make it look very done up, but you can just as easily slip it on for a night at home. Put it on, and you’re that much closer to being a French woman having dinner with her husband in their Paris apartment. No, but really, adopt that mindset of keeping things easy but chic at the same time. You’ll look and feel beautiful.

Cute Loungewear

Loungewear is great for a night at home cuddling and watching a movie. If you can, try to find sets that are cute that you reserve for date nights at home with your husband so that it still feels more special. And you’ll notice that her hair and makeup are done, which helps to elevate loungewear for a date night.

Cute Coats Are a Must

Whether you go the puffer route or go for a gorgeous wool coat, a cute coat is a must for a great winter date night outfit if you’re venturing farther than the comforts of your own living room. And you might take it off when you get where you’re going, but it will elevate your look so much to have a coat that doesn’t take away from your outfit. Beautiful gloves are also a nice touch!

The Sweater and Midi Skirt Combo

A fun sweater is a must for date nights in the winter! When you pair it with a skirt, it will keep you warm while still being stylish. Invest in quality knits that will last you season after season. Anthropologie has a lot of really nice and unique options.

Silk Pajamas

Silk just makes everything a tad fancier doesn’t it? A gorgeous pair of pajamas is definitely something you should break out for date night if you can’t bring yourself to put on real clothes when you’re doing an at-home date. The best part is that they look just as gorgeous the next morning.

Or you could always try out the feather trend for a festive touch!

Add a Romantic Touch

Soft curls and a bow! What could be more perfect for a date night look? It’s a super easy thing to do that doesn’t take much extra effort, but is just that little extra touch to make your look feel special. So whether you’re staying home or going out for date night, make sure to try out this trick.


It’s not called the LBD for no reason. The little black dress is such a staple for any occasion that it has its own acronym. No idea what to wear for date night? Wear an LBD, it’s never not a great choice.

Long, Flowy Dress

Can you tell I’m a sucker for dresses? They really are one of the best date night options you have. A flowy dress that’s fitted on the top is flattering because it gives you the waist emphasis that you need, but is super comfortable because it’s not constrictive on the bottom half. In the summer, sundresses are perfect, but in the winter you’ll definitely want to make sure you use our secrets to staying warm in dresses all year round

Closing Thoughts

Make date night fun! One way to do that is to start the night off on the right foot by wearing a great outfit that you love to wear. And of course, your husband or boyfriend will love it, but don’t ever underestimate the power clothes have to change the way you feel about yourself. Want to be more elegant? Dress more elegantly! And date night gives you a great chance to wear all the outfits you never do. So plan a night with your man and have fun playing with your wardrobe (and maybe ordering a new dress, I won’t tell).