10 Fashion Trends We Need To Leave In 2022 And What We’re Replacing Them With In The New Year

The new year is always a great time to reset your life, reorganize your priorities, and set new goals. Part of moving into the new year also means leaving behind old aspects of our life that are not benefiting us, including fashion choices.

By Madison May3 min read
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So, what were the least appealing style trends of the past year? I looked in the clearance sections of some popular websites to research what clothing items didn’t sell this year and compiled the top 10 worst trends of 2022. Read on to find out which trends we hope retailers will leave behind in 2023, as well as the replacements we’re hoping to see. 

1. Cropped Everything

A slightly cropped sweater with high-rise jeans is one thing, but now everything seems to be cropped, from workout clothes to blouses to button-downs. What happened to having options? Sometimes we just want an oversized cozy cardigan to keep us warm without worrying about sucking it in.

A smocked blouse is a great and refreshed alternative to a crop top. They look trendy, but are more feminine and polished for any occasion.

2. Overly Baggy Cargo Pants 

A borrowed-from-the-boys style, cargo pants have practical appeal due to their many pockets. If they’re too baggy, however, they just look sloppy and unflattering as well as remind us of early 2000s cringe.

Another throwback fashion item, flared yoga pants are the answer to cargo pants. Still comfortable as well as a Y2K revival, these look chicer and more put-together.

3. Bra Tops

There is really no situation in which showing off your lacy bra in public is necessary. We agree that they are gorgeous and wearing them can add an extra level of confidence, but it's best to save the sexy lingerie for the bedroom.

Instead, wear a cute cami. A dainty tank top shows just enough skin in a feminine way, and can be styled with a cardigan, jacket, or button-down for a layered look.

4. Extreme Platform Heels

Corporations tried to push extreme platform heels this past year, but in reality, these are just not reasonable. Not only do they tend to look tacky, but they’re also not suitable for any occasion and are basically guaranteed to be uncomfortable. 

For a time-tested heeled shoe, go with espadrille wedges. Fashionable yet laid-back, espadrilles were just as beloved by stylish women in the past as they are today.  

5. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts as everyday wear is taking the athletic wear trend too far. These should be reserved for biking and exercising, not as an outfit. Bike shorts – especially when paired with an oversized tee or sweater – usually just come across as sloppy. 

Instead of bike shorts, go with an athletic skirt. Fun and feminine, tennis skirts are more refined than bike shorts, while still providing comfort and versatility. 

6. Clogs

Thankfully, this trend seems to have died out as quickly as it reemerged. Sure, some fashion girlies could certainly pull off the look with the right amount of styling (or designer clothes, rather), but for the rest of us, these shoes simply made us look frumpy. If you're going for comfort, opt for a trendy pair of UGG Platform Boots. Otherwise, we'll stick to a pretty and flattering shoe choice.

Which brings us to our most recent obsession: bow kitten heels. Hello, beautiful. Get ready to see these all over your Instagram and TikTok feeds if you haven't already because they are going to be major in 2023. If you're a bride-to-be, these will be perfect in white, or you can opt for black if you're looking to wear them in a less formal setting.

7. Dad Jeans

We’re all for a tastefully oversized jean. Dad jeans, however, are called dad jeans for a reason. They sound cool as a concept, but are terribly unflattering and are too baggy in real life.

Instead of the dad jean, go with a classic wide-leg jean for a super stylish and flattering look. A favorite of French women, wide-leg jeans are versatile; they look great with sweaters, blouses, and t-shirts. 

8. Bizarre Cut-Outs

Sure, these cut-outs may have been fun in the early days of this trend, but now the design has been taken too far. We're all for stylish, simplistic cut-outs when they're done well, but let's be honest: most of these outfits just come across as dated and cheap.

Instead of cut-outs, we hope to see more cute statement collars. Retro collars are both a trendy and vintage fashion component, and they add visual appeal to any outfit, but in a classy and timeless way. 

9. Too High Slit-Leg Dresses 

The slits in dresses are getting higher and higher, which makes them impossible to wear in real life. A tasteful slit in a midi or maxi dress can be stylish and adds mobility, but when you're constantly tugging down your dress at a party or worried about sitting down comfortably, that's where it becomes more of a burden than a fun fashion choice.

Instead of high slit-leg dresses, we love a flowy nap dress. Nap dresses are elegant and practical and can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. They’re dresses that are feminine and classy, and totally comfortable. 

10. Balaclava

This strange and hideous trend has been popping up in the winter-wear sections of stores lately. To be blunt, a balaclava looks disturbing. It will be interesting to see if consumers pick up this trend and actually wear one.

To keep warm this winter, you can’t go wrong with a cute and classic pom-pom hat. You’ll be sure to feel cozy and chic wearing one. 

Closing Thoughts

These were some of the least flattering trends of 2022 that are set to go out of style in the new year, along with some feminine and timeless alternatives to these fads. The good thing about fashion is that it's a dynamic force, constantly changing and developing as preferences and cultural standards change. It’ll be fun to see what fashion looks like next year, and the next, and in the decades to come. 

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