Zendaya Allegedly Has A No-Nudity Clause In Her Contracts, And This Is Why She Won't Get Naked On Camera

Zendaya is one of Hollyood's most loved It Girls. She's a fashion icon, a tremendous actress, and can even sing and dance. One thing that sets her apart from her peers is the fact that she doesn't do nudity on camera, and this might be the reason why.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Whether it's on the hit HBO show "Euphoria" or on the big screen in Dune, Zendaya has had a wide range of roles in TV and movies over the last few years. She has even portrayed MJ in the Spider-Man movies alongside her boyfriend Tom Holland, who plays the Marvel teen superhero. But even though she has starred in some racy shows, fans have noticed that Zendaya doesn't get naked on camera. She's never been topless or featured in a sex scene where her clothes are off. In an over-sexualized industry, this is rare to see, especially from stars who are as popular as she is. There has been some speculation over why Zendaya doesn't go nude.

Zendaya Allegedly Has a No-Nudity Clause in Her Contracts, and This Is Why She Won't Get Naked on Camera

In "Euphoria," Zendaya's costar Sydney Sweeney has been nude in certain episodes, but she has allegedly asked to reduce the number of naked scenes that she's a part of. However, Zendaya apparently has a strict no-nudity clause in all her contracts. TikToker @charlesperalo broke it down and told his followers that this is partly due to the fact that Zendaya started her career as a popular Disney child star. She started acting in a Disney Channel series called "Shake It Up" as the character Rocky Blue; she was only 14 years old at the time. She acted alongside Bella Thorne and left that role in 2013. There are plenty of child stars who started in Disney and have gone on to do nudity, but there are also some who have attempted to maintain some modesty as they exit the Disney phase and enter more adult acting roles.

Zendaya has said that she doesn't want to be nude for personal reasons, but many people think it goes deeper into the fact that she is a child star turned adult star, and actors like this usually try to steer clear of nudity to avoid the issue of people preying on child actors and trying to push them to do mature roles before they're ready for it. Another layer could be the fact that she's still part of the Marvel universe as MJ, and Disney (who owns Marvel) tends to keep their movies PG-13 and even attempts to keep their current actors away from doing more risqué parts and nudity in order to maintain continuity of the brand.

It could be a combination of all of the above, but whatever the case may be, fans have certainly noticed that Zendaya keeps her clothes on while other cast members of "Euphoria" are accustomed to getting naked in front of the camera. While nudity has become normalized in Hollywood over the last decade or so, there are still some actors out there who have been requesting either far fewer nude scenes or none at all. Emilia Clarke requested less nudity after season 1 of "Game of Thrones" and even Penn Badgley requested fewer sex scenes in season 4 of "You" because he wanted to maintain fidelity with his wife Domino Kirke. Julia Roberts doesn't go nude and neither does Anna Kendrick. Even Sarah Jessica Parker was the only cast member of "Sex and the City" to not expose her breasts to the audience.