YouTubers Boho Beautiful Take A Stand Against Vaccine Mandates And Call For "Unity And Support"

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful, a yogi couple originally from Canada with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, have taken a stand for vaccine freedom. They shared a photo of themselves holding up signs that say "Mandate freedom" and "We stand with you!"

Mark and Juliana Spicoluk make up the well-known YouTube duo called Boho Beautiful, and they have come out strongly against vaccine mandates. Mark and Juliana are originally from Canada so their response is timely considering the unprecedented truck convoy and protests that are taking place in rebellion against the coronavirus vaccine mandates.

Mark and Juliana Advocate for Freedom

"This is not about anti or pro vax," the couple wrote in the caption of their Instagram post. "This is about unity and support and love. This is about a strong and free Canada."

They cited unemployment rates, overdoses, and high rates of mental illness to urge people to consider the negative effects of the shutdowns and mandates. Mark and Juliana also pointed out that Canada is seeing a "historic transfer of wealth to the billionaire Trudeau class" while the national debt is ignored.

Mark and Juliana Want You To Think about the Next Generation

The yogis urged their audience to consider all of our children "who are having their developing years stolen by policy constructed by opinion polls instead of actual data." Mark and Juliana have a son named Xavian; they consider the question that he will ask in the future: "What did you do when freedom called?"

"This is simply about freedom," they concluded. "Don't let them turn this into a debate about anything else."

Mark and Juliana are joining the ranks of several other influencers and celebrities who have spoken out against vaccine mandates, including Evangeline Lilly and Doutzen Kroes.

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