You're A Pretty Girl If These 7 Things Happen To You

Curious if you're attractive to people? Here are some indicators that you're a pretty girl.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read

A lot of us don’t see ourselves the way other people do. According to research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, unattractive people are unaware of how unattractive they are, while pretty people underestimate their attractiveness. In the studies by researcher Tobias Greitemeyer, participants rated their physical attractiveness while two other strangers rated them. The results suggested that the participants deemed the "least attractive" in the sample often overestimated their own looks.

“Overall, unattractive participants judged themselves to be of about average attractiveness and they showed very little awareness that strangers do not share this view," Greitemeyer said. "In contrast, attractive participants had more insights into how attractive they actually are . . . It thus appears that unattractive people maintain illusory self-perceptions of their attractiveness, whereas attractive people’s self-views are more grounded in reality.”

This fascinating phenomenon stresses the complexity of people's self-concept. It suggests that the way we view our own attractiveness can sometimes be skewed, either by biases that lead us to see ourselves more favorably than others do, or by our self-deprecating ideas that cause us to overlook our positive traits. Social media plays a role in how we view attractiveness as well. All of these things combined can make it difficult for some of us to tell how we're perceived by others. But you don't have to rely on people to tell you you're beautiful to know if you're attractive – here are some signs you're prettier than you think.

You Get Freebies

Have you ever gotten an extra order of fries with your burger? Maybe you get a free coffee here and there at a coffee shop. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself getting freebies from time to time, congratulations – you're definitely attractive.

This reminds me of when my friends and I visited a rock and mineral shop in Texas. The cashier thought we were cute, so he sent us home with free crystals!

Strangers Stare at You

Next time you're out in public, pay attention to your surroundings. Using your peripheral vision, examine whether or not people are staring at you. If you manage to catch a lot of glances, you're probably stunning. Why else would you be turning heads?

You Don’t Get a Lot of Compliments

You would think gorgeous people receive many compliments about their looks, but that's not always true. Others might actually refrain from complimenting them, assuming they're well aware of their attractiveness already. They believe they would just be stating the obvious, like telling someone with short hair that their hair is short – there's no need to mention it because it's something they're already conscious of. Instead, pretty girls usually get compliments on things that they're wearing or carrying.

You Get Away With Things

I know a cute girl who bought the wrong ticket for her train when she was in Europe. Typically, the managers on board are strict about this. They let her off the hook easily, though – she didn't have to pay for a new ticket or change it. The guy simply smiled and told her it was fine, and she went on her merry way to her new destination. Must be nice!

You Make People Talk a Lot

Ever met a stranger who told you their life story? If you're the kind of person people feel comfortable around, that's a good sign. Research shows that attractive individuals are seen as more sincere and trustworthy. This is called the "halo effect," when physically attractive people are assumed to have more positive traits.

Eyebrows Go Up

Body language speaks louder than words. If you witness someone raise their eyebrows when they look at you, chances are they like what they see. When someone is interested in you, their eyebrows go up and down without realizing it. Usually, this indicator is a sign of approval and agreement. Besides the raising of the brows, other cues that indicate attraction include longer eye contact, dilated pupils, laughter, and if their body faces yours.

Kids Stare at You

If babies stare at you when you're not making a funny face or smiling, you're probably a sight to see. One experiment found that babies spent way more time staring at attractive adults. The research involved showing babies images of various faces, some of which were deemed attractive by adults, while others were seen as less appealing. What they found was that the babies stared at the "beautiful" faces for a longer period of time. In these tiny critics' minds, pretty faces help their brains process information and learn about their environment more easily.  

"It helps them to recognize familiar faces – particularly that of the mother – and it helps them in learning about the social world,” researcher Dr. Alan Slater explained. This discovery suggests that our inclination towards attractive individuals isn't learned and could be inherent within all of us. So next time you see babies staring at you, remember it's a compliment.

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