Late Term Abortion Is A Vile Fetish For Some Women, And It’s Making Its Way Into Porn

We’ve gone all the way from one end of the “abortion acceptance” spectrum to the other. From “something unspeakably sad that should happen as rarely as possible” to “safe, legal, and rare” to “shout your abortion!” up to “abortion is a human right, and we need it on demand.” Now though, we’re seeing a new low emerge online.

By Luna Salinas3 min read
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Our culture celebrates lots of self-indulgent and hedonistic attitudes: there’s body positivity and fat-acceptance, and the acceptance of mental illness and “neurodivergency.” While that’s all harmful, the damage these acceptances cause is not as severe as that caused by the celebration of sexual “liberation,” pornography, and the de-stigmatization of any and all fetishes.

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We’ve known for a long time now how at best, porn disincentivizes men to step up to the plate and be good partners and husbands, and at worst, it facilitates the blatant exploitation and abuse of women and children. Now, the unabashed acceptance of porn and increasingly bizarre and macabre kinks has led to people online shamelessly using their unborn, aborted children as sexual material.

“What’s Done in the Dark, Always Comes to Light”

On April 21, a Twitter page called “Reddit Lies” shared a post detailing the contents of a private subreddit called r/PlannedAbortions, where internet users can share and consume porn featuring pregnant women aborting their children. They allow any content “up to birth.”

The screenshots from the thread are nothing short of abhorrent. One post is gruesomely titled “snuff that baby out for pleasure.” They themselves use the word “baby,” humanizing their own victim. And yet, the creator of the subreddit shamelessly says “unborn babies are not legally recognized minors,” and therefore reporting the content as “sexual content involving minors” is supposedly wrong.

Another post outlines a sadistic element of the fetish: A picture of a far-along pregnant woman holding her belly with a text overlay that reads, “Some people may call me a monster because I get off on the thrill of aborting a baby … but that is only because they have never felt a child fighting for its life. The feeling of complete power and the rush it gives you is hard to describe, but it is amazing!!!!”

The subreddit was created by Reddit user “quitproquotient,” whose bio reads, “I breed to abort. Message r/plannedabortions if you think that's hot. You have to tell us why you like the kink to join. (click bell -> messages -> send private message -> to r/plannedabortions)”

About a month prior to the time of writing, this user made a post to a subreddit called r/BreedingStories, where he describes his journey from growing up in a conservative, Christian, pro-life household, to developing an abortion fetish, to creating the r/PlannedAbortions subreddit and planning to impregnate his girlfriend just to abort the infant child. He describes the creation of the subreddit as “an adventure.”

While some users condemn this, and even call for the death penalty to apply here, others are more blasé about it. One comment reads, “Welp Im not gonna criticize you cause you two are adults who are just doing your thing and not hurting anybody.” [sic]

A direct link to the subreddit can’t be found if you just Google its name, since it’s private and requires membership approval. If you manage to get the link to it, it’s inaccessible unless you’ve been approved by moderators. The splash page reads: “Get pregnant to abort! Breed without consequences and take power over life and death. Welcome to the newest, best, and only place to talk about your abortion fetish. This is a women-friendly sub. Read the rules before you post so that you and the sub do not get banned.”

User activity on the subreddit is frequent and substantial, despite the subreddit being private. There appear to be at least 10 distinct users making posts every day or every couple days, from the time the screenshots were taken.

Proponents would say that abortion and sexualization are both okay separately, so why not together? 

It’s naive to believe that this is the first-ever occurrence of abortion fetishists coming together online to sexualize unborn children and their murder. But it’s certainly one of the first times that I’ve seen it emerge on a pretty mainstream platform like Reddit.

Is It All That Illogical, That We’ve Arrived Here?

A broken clock is still right twice a day. This applies to this statement from the subreddit’s creator: “Something that truly confuses me is that most pro-choice people think the abortion fetish is disgusting and evil. But they are fine with women like this, who express this giddy nonchalance toward their abortions. Fetishizing abortions seems like the obvious next step.”

Truly, where is he wrong? Mainstream society showcases women who celebrate their abortions, throw parties in honor of them, and act shameless about them. Abortion is nothing but average, necessary healthcare, and it’s just the extraction of a clump of cells. Nevermind the young women who post about the regret and depression they live with in the aftermath. Mainstream society also celebrates women who sexualize themselves and express their sexual liberation.

Logically, you get the acceptance for abortion fetishists. Proponents would say that abortion and sexualization are both okay separately, so why not together? Yet people even on the pro-choice side of the aisle can agree that this is wrong. One user said in response to the introductory post on r/BreedingStories, “I’m pro choice but that’s just plain disgusting.”

Closing Thoughts

Online porn, for many, is as easy to access as funny videos or memes. It’s just a part of being online, and you will likely find some softcore content without looking for it. While this used to be something to shrug about, its normalcy, paired with the normalization of abortion, has led to this.

At this point in time, it’s necessary to slam the brakes, even though that should have happened sooner. Clearly, the acceptance of any and all kinks, the sexualization of everything, and the condemnation of kink-shaming has enabled this.

If this isn’t the stopping point, what is? Will Reddit allow people to bond over infanticide kinks, to share porn of it? The participants of r/PlannedAbortions don’t see infants as people, but rather “wastes of space.” If the baby is a waste of space when it’s in the womb, how are they suddenly humans worthy of respect upon birth to these people?

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