Katie Price's Daughter, 8, Wants To Be On OnlyFans In The Future "Like Mum"

Well, this is concerning. British model Katie Price's 8-year-old daughter wants to do a "photo shoot" on OnlyFans like her mother.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Katie Price

Remember when we used to see old videos of kids being asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, and they'd usually reply with something normal? Typically, they'd say something like a doctor, a firefighter, or a veterinarian. The most outrageous answer at the time was an astronaut (well, it's not that crazy, just maybe a bit too ambitious). Now, however, it seems some kids have a different answer.

English media personality Katie Price, 44, recently did a Q&A session on Instagram with her 8-year-old daughter, Bunny. When a user asked the young girl if she was famous and what she wanted to be when she grew up, Price asked her, "Are you famous, Bunny?" and the young girl enthusiastically said, "Yeah!"

"What are you famous for?" the mother of five asked, and Bunny responded with, "You." Price then asked her what she wanted to do when she was older, and Bunny shockingly revealed, "I want to be like you and do OnlyFans, a photo shoot," leaving her mother stunned, according to UK's Yahoo News. This surprising remark comes after Price created a YouTube account for her daughter after she got banned from using TikTok.

Price, who currently sells pornographic content on OnlyFans, was once deemed a "top earner," and currently has 60,000 likes on her page. But let's hope that Bunny doesn't truly understand what her mom is doing – I'd like to think she doesn't, and that, in her mind, "photo shoot" on OnlyFans just simply means posing for the camera while being fully clothed. At some point, she is likely going to find out the truth about her mom's profession.

With the growing number of adults turning to digital sex work, I wonder how kids will react in the future when they learn about their parents' porn content.

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