Women Who Disagree With The Pro-Trans Movement Are Met With Threats Of Violence

It might surprise you that the group of activists known to demand acceptance and tolerance are also capable of using death threats and bullying to attack their critics.

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
Women Who Disagree With The Pro-Trans Movement Are Met With Threats Of Violence

There are some particularly interesting stories that the media just won’t seem to cover. Among them is the war between a subsection of feminists who hold the belief that women are biologically female and the pro-transgender community who view these women as the enemy. 

We’re all mostly aware of the growing activism from the pro-transgender movement. From Elliot Page to Demi Lovato, switching your birth gender is met with celebration and praise by the current media climate. But hidden behind the media’s positive spin of transgender activism is a world of dehumanizing and sadistic bullying. 

J.K. Rowling Wasn't the First, and She Won't Be the Last

Perhaps one of the first times that the general public became aware of the pro-transgender Twitter mob's influence was when they went after J.K. Rowling in late 2019. She had the gall to defend a tax professional from the United Kingdom who was fired for tweeting about her opposition to the British government’s plans to make gender changes legal. The retribution was swift.

But it wasn't the last time Rowling would speak out against radical gender ideology. In June 2020, she retweeted an op-ed with a sassy comment insinuating that women should be called... women. Not "people who menstruate."

Activists on Twitter demanded that she be removed from the ongoing Fantastic Beasts series, and even her own actors spoke out against her position. Even after Rowling expressed sympathy for the transgender cause, claiming that she would march with them if they were discriminated against on the basis of being transgender, she was still attacked for being a bigot. 

In the time since her tweets, the fervor has not died down. She's now a persona non grata in her own left-wing circles because, even as a progressive feminist, she was unwilling to ignore the biological realities of womanhood. Her name is used as a running joke in pro-trans circles, and she's referred to as a TERF (a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist), which is probably the worst insult they can levy at a fellow, now disowned, activist.

Total Conformity, or Else

There’s no peaceful disagreement in the world of transgender activism. Doctors or psychological professionals who express any doubt or reservations about prescribing radical medical treatments for gender dysphoria are silenced or even fired. Journalist Abigail Shrier's book Irreversible Damage, about the social contagion aspect of transgenderism among teenage girls, has faced repeated attempts to remove it from Amazon, Target, and even local libraries. Activists even demanded that her interview with Joe Rogan be removed from Spotify, labelling it dangerous and transphobic.

Dr. Debra Soh, a journalist and former sex researcher, has also come under fire for her refusal to admit that gender differences are nothing but social constructs. The irony for her, along with J.K. Rowling and Abigail Shrier, is that all three women in fact support the right of grown adults to transition to the opposite gender if they so choose. But their refusal to fully embrace the transgender cause to the point of eliminating all gender differences and encouraging the transitioning of underage children has made them the worst kind of enemies to the gender-identity industrial complex. The Twitter mob is mobilized to bully and intimidate anyone who dares to raise an objection against the post-gender agenda. 

Silence! Do Not Disagree! 

Now, back to TERFs. Remember, any woman who denies that a transgender woman is the same as a biological woman is labeled a TERF, a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. (Ironically, you don't need to be a radical feminist in order to be labeled a TERF.)

To the transgender community, being a TERF is practically the same thing as being a transphobic bigot. Imagine calling someone like J.K. Rowling a transphobe when she had expressed clearly that she’d march with the trans community if they were being discriminated against. But of course, in the world of trans-activism, it isn’t enough to just be an ally. There is no room for honest debate, else you be accused of transphobia or wanting transgender youth to kill themselves.

In the world of trans-activism, it isn’t enough to just be an ally.

No longer are you allowed to hold the belief that a woman is born a female and a man is born a male. No longer are you permitted to think that biological men shouldn’t be allowed to compete against women in sports because of their physiological advantages. You have to agree that transgender women are women, and transgender men are men. The idea is that a transgender person was born into the wrong body. Men can be women if they say they are. Any and all biological differences between men and women are dismissed as harmful social constructs, rather than innate (and desirable).

Gender Identity Tyranny 

If you refuse to comply with their train of thought, you could be met with threats of violence, rape, and death. Here are a few examples of the sadistic threats that are hurled at the TERFs because these women believe that women are born female. 

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve read my previous works, you’ll know how critical I am of modern feminism. There’s an assortment of issues with the feminist movement. But as much as I disagree with the ideas of feminism, I would never think to wish for these feminists to suffer death, assaults, or rape. In a free society, everyone has a right to their opinion. The right way to persuade them out of their position is through open discussion and intelligent debates. 

Only oppressive tyrants would employ an “argument of intimidation” against their dissenters because tyrants rule by fear. From the looks of it, we can see how the proponents of the transgender industrial complex are employing the tactic of using terror and violence in order to silence their critics. In this case, the voices of women (the TERFs) are being snuffed out with threats of brutality and violence. 

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