As a Mom, This Is How I Feel About Biden Allowing Trans Women Into Women’s Sports

My daughter is a sporty girl. She took an interest in karate and loved it when I enrolled her at a local dojo. Unfortunately, her appreciation of the practice waned over time because they no longer separate girls and boys.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner3 min read
There’s Nothing Equal About Opening Women’s Sports To Trans Women

It didn’t take long for us to see a pattern: the boys almost always defeated the girls when sparring, and on the rare occasion a girl won, it was because of a technical error.

This is a common trend. From child athletics, all the way to professional competitions everywhere, women’s sports are becoming dominated by people who were born male.

President Biden Opens Women's Sports to Trans Women

One of President Biden’s first executive orders was to demand that schools allow children to enter sports programs based on their gender identity, instead of biology, if they wish to receive federal funding. This may be well-intentioned. I believe in rights for all. Yet, there’s a reason that women’s sports were made by and for natural-born women: so that we have a fair right to play.

There’s a reason that women’s sports were made by and for natural-born women.

Male bodies are physically/biologically different from female bodies in many ways. No matter what the psychology of gender dysphoria is, the female body needs more fat to survive, and the male body has more muscle mass, thicker bone density, and an overall larger frame. Our skeletal layout is different.

Regarding Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy can decrease testosterone and aid the biologically male body to adapt to more feminine characteristics, but it will not remove all of the physical attributes that give male sports players an advantage over females. This creates a serious problem for trans individuals that I recognize and sympathize with.

That’s why I have always, and will always, hold the stance that there should be three categories in competitions: one category for biological males, one for biological females, and then one for those who don’t wish to base competition on biology. It’s the most logical solution being that a person who has undergone hormone therapy is no longer biologically matched by natural male or female competitors.

Unfortunately, that’s a compromise that trans activists (so far) refuse to accept. Even the Olympics committee has allowed politics to outweigh factual science. The only criteria they wish to utilize to determine rights to play is hormone levels, which is only one part of the biological puzzle that makes up our physical ability to challenge others to a fair sport.

Rights for ALL

We separate the disabled and the mentally challenged into their own sports categories because we openly recognize their differences. Why are we not allowed to openly support and celebrate the biologically non-conforming with their own competitions?

I sincerely ask for all trans persons to look at it from my little girl’s perspective. To see my daughter as a person and not just a “cis-female,” and recognize her heartbreak and discouragement when she watches individuals born male continuously outperform the little girls at karate tournaments. I ask everyone to stop bickering and picking sides and to trust that women created spaces which exclude males because of years of fear and discrimination.

There should be a third category of competition for those who don’t wish to base competition on biology.

I’m never looking to discriminate against others, but mainly to protect and preserve the freedom of everyone. Trans women are people deserving of rights, just like everyone else on this planet, but there are differences between a woman who is born a woman and one who is inclined toward feminine characteristics based on their psychology.

The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act

President Biden’s action directly harms the rights of natural-born females. Thankfully the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” was reintroduced by Florida House Representative Greg Steube. 

This piece of legislation was originally introduced last year. It mandates that schools comply with reproductive biology and sex at birth in order to separate sports teams fairly. Hopefully, Congress will do the right thing for everyone and allow us to respectfully protect women’s sports for the daughters and granddaughters of the women who fought so hard for them.

What Can We Do?

It’s time to open up intelligent, peaceful debate. Too many women who question the validity of allowing trans women to compete are smeared by activist groups and politically biased public figures. They are labeled slurs like TERF or decried as “transphobic” for simply wishing to properly approach fair play for everyone involved. 

President Biden’s executive order directly harms the rights of natural-born females. 

We need to come together and create sports teams with three categories in our own communities. Parents who truly care for their daughters shouldn’t be afraid to speak up, just as the parents of trans children shouldn’t have to hide from society.  

Closing Thoughts

We can look out for those who don’t fit gender norms while also protecting the rights of biologically inclined females everywhere. Trans women deserve rights, yes, but they need their own sports category to ensure fairness for all, not just themselves.