Woman Who’s Worked In The Plastic Surgery Industry For Over 30 Years Shares 5 Cosmetic Surgeries She’d Never Do

Amanda (@Saffy540) went on TikTok to discuss which cosmetic surgeries she’d never do, after having 35 years of experience working with top plastic surgeons.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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There’s no doubt the plastic surgery industry is booming, and social media may be one of the biggest influencers for women to get work done. Celebrities and influencers are always showing off their pouty lips, tight skin, and curvy bodies online, leading young women to do the same. While social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram do a fantastic job of showing convincing “before-and-afters” of cosmetic work, you don’t really see too many viral posts that show botched work.

However, one woman (who goes by "AC") on TikTok, who's worked in the industry for over 30 years, shared which cosmetic enhancements she’d never do. And while she doesn’t go into too much detail about why she wouldn’t opt for them, we’ll go over the negative impacts they might bring on the body.

1. Breast Implants

“I would never get breast implants,” she says. Breast implant illness isn’t as rare as you might think – in fact, you can find many stories of women online who have decided to get their implants removed. Some of the negative side effects of getting implants may include hair loss, poor thyroid health, weight gain, and even autoimmune diseases. Just recently, reports have come out on implants being linked with cancer. There are multiple reasons why implants can cause havoc on the body. For example, there’s a possibility of implants getting ruptured, meaning the heavy metals and other chemicals that it’s made up of can leech into the body, causing illnesses and other adverse effects.

2. Fillers

“Never get fillers in your face,” says AC. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical procedure that are injected into the face to correct the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The gel-like substance is supposed to fill areas in the face that have lost volume. But besides the fact that dermal fillers can cause the dreaded “pillow face” look, dermal injections are known to cause blindness. Fillers may also migrate away from the injection site, causing raised skin and lumps around the area.

3. Laser Peel 

Laser peels are supposed to reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. The surgeon will use laser technology on the skin to “zap” away unwanted areas like acne scars or discoloration. However, the procedure comes with risks: It can cause breakouts, scarring, infection, eye injuries, and changes in skin color. Maybe that's why AC says she "would never, ever get a laser peel."

4. Facelift and Tummy Tuck Combination

“Never, under any circumstances, combine a facelift with a tummy tuck,” AC says. This could be because tummy tucks (also known as abdominoplasty) have the highest risk of complications compared to other cosmetic surgeries. The procedure removes excess fat and skin to “improve” the appearance of the stomach. But the surgery may cause tissue damage, fluid accumulation beneath the skin, or changes in skin sensation.

A facelift is invasive as well, and it requires the skin on the face to be lifted up and tightened to make someone appear more youthful. Some of the more serious side effects of this surgery are hematoma, infections, tissue loss, and allergic reactions. Since a tummy tuck and facelift are both invasive surgical procedures, combining the two would put someone at a higher risk of experiencing complications. 

5. Bargain Surgery

“Do not hunt for a bargain in plastic surgery, there ain’t one,” AC adds. While you might try to save money by looking for cheaper surgical procedures in countries like Turkey, you may want to reconsider paying a little more to achieve the results you desire.

One of the latest trends to come around in recent years is the “Turkey Teeth,” where influencers fly to Turkey to get their teeth shaved down and covered with veneers. Some of the individuals who got a new set of teeth experienced pain from their teeth rotting underneath the veneers. So, while a new set of teeth may have saved you hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars, you might end up having to pay more just to fix the complications that came with it. Anyone who’s considering getting work done should find experienced surgeons, even if it means having to pay more.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to remain educated on the complications of plastic surgery, especially when so many women are looking for ways to “fix” their insecurities. While many women have had successful procedures in the past, it’s dangerous to assume that there are little-to-no risks associated with them.

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