Woman Says She's Madeleine McCann, Shares Her "Evidence," And McCann's Parents Have Agreed To A DNA Test

By Nicole Dominique
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Madeline McCann

A woman from Poland named Julia Faustyna believes she's the missing British child, Madeleine McCann. The 21-year-old has gone on Instagram (@iammadeleinemccan) to reveal her "evidence," as well as the other similarities she shares with McCann.

A woman on social media has gone viral the past week for saying she might be a missing British girl named Madeleine Beth McCann. The case made international news after 3-year-old McCann suddenly went missing in 2007 from her apartment in Portugal. The Daily Telegraph had described the incident as "the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history."

A 21-year-old adopted woman from Poland – Julia Faustyna – has come forward to make groundbreaking claims. She believes there's a strong chance she could be Madeleine McCann and has shared her “evidence” with the internet. Faustyna, who has been referred to as Julia Wendell and Julia Wendelt on social media, made an account on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to share awareness of her situation. She proudly uses the username "@iammadeleinemccan" on the 'gram.

Faustyna claims she does not remember anything from her childhood due to her "post-traumatic amnesia," a brain injury that causes confusion, disorientation, and memory loss after a traumatic event. While the young woman does not know what occurred during her early years, the trauma was damaging enough to prevent her from functioning normally. In 2018, Faustyna ended up in a psychiatric facility and began therapy shortly after. She started asking her parents about her past, but at some point, her mom could no longer "stand the barrage of questions," ultimately ending Faustyna's therapy sessions. 

Despite this, Faustyna continued to look for answers, which eventually led her to Madeleine McCann. Here are some of the things she's shared with us, and why she believes she might be the missing child.

Julia and Her Similarities with McCann

They Both Share an Eye Defect

McCann had an identifiable mutation in her right eye. Her pupil extended past the dark circle, and Faustyina appears to have the same thing – although it is a bit faded. She thinks it's possible her abusers attempted to remove it when she was young. "I have a defect in my eye, in the same eye, the kind of defect Madeleine had," Faustyna wrote on Facebook. 

She continued, "Except that it's faded more and more every year. I talked to the doctor and there is a possibility that this defect was operable, and so logically it seems to me that if someone kidnaps a child about whom everyone 'trumpets' that he has such a defect in the eye, it seems to me that such a kidnapper will do everything he can to remove or cover up such a defect." 

They Have Similar Moles and other Features

As seen in the image below, Faustyna and McCann share a freckle under their left eye. They also have the same blonde hair, face shape, and eye color.

 Some even think Faustyna looks a lot like McCann’s biological parents. 

They May Share Connections with a German Abuser

A German child serial killer and pedophile named Martin Ney fit the description of a male who was seen near the apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, where McCann went missing. Martin Ney was sentenced to life in 2012 for abducting and killing three children between the ages of 8 and 13.

Astonishingly, Faustyna says her abuser growing up is named Peter Ney. On her Instagram Story, the young woman revealed, "I was a victim of german paedophile (Peter Ney) who looks similar to picture number 4B from website" However, it is currently unknown whether or not Peter Ney and Martin Ney are related. 

Faustyna added that she confronted her abuser. In broken English, she explained, "I confronted with my abuser 2 weeks ago and I told him that I know that person who was suspected in Maddie case is his son (I said about Martin Ney). My abuser has the same surname and he is german too. I told him that he was involved in abduction children (my dad told me that..)."

Screenshots of Instagram stories @iammadeleinemccan

She continued, "I told him that I know he hurt me more than I can remind me. His reaction was very nervous stressed and he asked me who i am ( he didn't recognise me) and How can i know that and at the end he hit me at my face."

McCann’s Parents, Gerry and Kate, Have Agreed to a DNA Test

Are all of Faustyna’s findings convincing enough? McCann’s parents, Gerry and Kate, seem to think so. According to the 21-year-old, the missing child’s parents have agreed to do a DNA test with Faustyna. “Thank you for support!” she wrote on her Instagram bio, “Kate and Gerry McCann agreed for DNA test!”

Whether or not Faustyna's allegations are true, we must remember that she's a victim of abuse and is trying her best to find answers.

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