Why Drafting Women Into The Military Will Be A Mistake

The House recently passed an act (H.R. 4350 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022) that would draft women into the military – should we need to use the draft again. I have two daughters, and I’m under 40. If this NDAA passes the Senate and becomes law, we will all be facing the prospect of forced military service.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner3 min read
shutterstock Why Drafting Women Into The Military Will Be A Mistake

There are many reasons why the draft only originally called upon men. From the biological differences between the male and female bodies to the moral dilemmas of drafting an entire generation into war, families and women everywhere need to know what this could mean for the future and why it will be a mistake if it comes to pass. 

Men and Women Are Built Differently

Despite the desires of modern equality movements to erase our biological predispositions from the record, the male body significantly differs from the female body. Men are about 20% bigger on average and have more bone mass. They have more muscle mass and fewer fat stores. This is because men are designed to be the hunters. They’re literally made to protect and provide. 

If women are put into combat en masse, the men of the countries we’re combating could overpower us.

Women, by contrast, are designed to biologically nurture and give life. Our bodies are made to move more slowly and to focus on our young instead of rushing off to battle for food or protection. If women are put into combat en masse, the men of the countries and/or areas we’re combating will be able to overpower us. This would spell disaster for women who don’t enter the service willingly. 

It’s Immoral To Force Women into Combat 

Women are more likely to be raped than men in combat and victimized sexually by the enemy. We know, for example, that men in other cultures are not afraid to rape and abuse female journalists overseas. CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan’s infamous story is one that offers a horrifying prospect, but also the knowledge that women in her position are often silenced or censor themselves because they don’t wish to discourage women from voluntarily becoming journalists makes it even more frustrating. Choosing to put oneself at risk of sexual violence is one thing, but mandating it is another. 

We can barely handle the sexual assault issues that have surfaced in our own voluntary military.

Then, add in all of the sexual assault allegations within our own voluntary military and from female soldiers overseas, and it’s not hard to imagine how much worse it will get if women are drafted. We can barely handle the issues that have surfaced in the current situation.  

Furthermore, what is to be done when women are purposefully captured and impregnated by our enemies? It may sound horrific, but it’s a tactic that’s been used before. 

The Generation That Follows Will Be Devastated 

The gruesome details of rape may be hard for some people to face, but going beyond that are the long-term effects of drafting women and men together. If both are brought into military service, who will remain to care for the children? Who will offer the benefits of family, community, and the guidance that can only be fostered by parents? 

Maybe the government will employ caretakers or reward grandparents with incentives. But grandparents are not as easily able to keep up with young children, nor do they have the potential to live long enough to properly guide them throughout most of their life. And if the government were to take over the role of parents to a generation of children, I pray that they don’t mishandle the situation like they have mishandled the health care system, corporate monopolies, our infrastructure, the public education system, the post office, the monetary system, veterans affairs, and pretty much everything else. 

I don’t trust the current administration to make sure it doesn’t accidentally draft both parents if there is a “one parent serves” policy. Nor do I trust that either of my daughters will be able to properly defend our country as well as their brothers. My eldest loves to bake, decorate, and babysit. My youngest daughter is small for her age and somewhat frail. My sons, by contrast, are already play-fighting. They love to protect me and their sisters. It’s as if they were made to do so. And best of all, they enjoy it.  

Drafting women won’t grant us victories, just garner short-term applause from the woke crowd.

Drafting women will not grant us victories. It will garner short-term applause from the woke crowd. Then it will leave the generation that follows vulnerable, inept, and weak. The benefits of family far outweigh the ideals of modern gestures. During WWII, women in Britain were drafted, but only for non-combat positions, and their country was in shambles. There’s no clause that would instate a similar policy in the current proposed legislation. 

In America, women have historically remained to “hold down the fort” and give everyone hope. The nurturers kept our country running because we have our own special duties to our children and to everyone who remains. We’re made to care for others in times of crisis. I don’t want to know what will happen if that is left behind.   

Closing Thoughts

The senate is expected to vote on the NDAA the week of October 18. This act is lengthy and costly, but the most expensive aspect has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the health and wellbeing of American women. Drawing females into the draft will not make us stronger, it will be a mistake. Our senators need to know that. 

Click here to read the bill H.R. 4350 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. Click here to read the amendment. Click here to find your U.S. Senator.

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