Why Are The MGTOWs So Obsessed With Us? Just Go Your Own Way Already

Dear MGTOWs, the women at Evie are the last people you should be spewing your anger at.

By Simone Hanna2 min read
Why Are The MGTOWs So Obsessed With Us Just Go Your Own Way Already

Time and time again, Evie articles have stood up for genuine equality for both the sexes and for the rights of men everywhere. And yet, here you all are, always creeping through the comments with something negative to say. Never Cosmo, Refinery29, or Bustle – no, you come to attack Evie, a place written for and by women with good values who hold a strong regard for both men and women.

What’s up with that?

What’s a MGTOW?

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is an online community of anti-feminist males who firmly advocate (half through satire, half through sincerity) for men to separate themselves from women and away from a society that has been completely corrupted by feminism

MGTOWs' hatred for women often spawns from heartbreak, rejection, or bitterness.

MGTOWs are generally misogynistic — their hatred for women is strong and is often spawned by heartbreak, rejection, or bitterness from negative experiences with them. MGTOWs believe that “all the good women are gone” and that we’re evil demons, determined to break them and to destroy Western civilization. But this isn’t the case, not at all — and especially not at Evie Magazine. 

These men abandon any relationship with women, believing all women are after their necks (and their bank accounts). But here at Evie, we’ve criticized women who preach to others that “men are trash” — we aren’t supportive of this message, not in the slightest, so we definitely aren’t supportive of men doing the same thing to us. (Especially when we’re proof there are good women out there…)

So MGTOWs, What’s Your Deal?

The frustrating thing is, the women at Evie cover the issues that MGTOWs complain about so much. We cover the flaws of modern-day feminism, discuss men’s rights, critique “femcel” cultures, speak up against toxic femininity, and teach women how to have strong, healthy relationships with men, so why is there so much bitterness? Is it simply that you just hate women and deep down don’t actually want us covering these topics for you?

You think feminism is the main issue in modern Western society — we’ve spoken up against much of it in countless Evie pieces, yet, without fail, on almost every Evie article there will be a MGTOW in the replies complaining about where the care for men is, but it’s right here. (Just scroll back up and reread the article.)

If you want to complain, do it on the extreme feminist pages working to teach women to live without you.

So, if you want to complain, do it on the extreme feminist pages working to teach women to live without you, the ones constantly complaining about “toxic masculinity” and how “all the good men are gone.” We don’t do that here at Evie, so don’t act like we do.

Some People Don’t Want To Be Saved 

Sigh. It’s true. There are many people who prefer to spend their whole lives complaining instead of seeking solutions. Many of the men creeping onto Evie comment sections are so “black-pilled” that they can’t see that there are many women out there who feel anger over similar issues and genuinely want to help. Women who are striving to be virtuous and who want to be in a life-long committed relationship. 

Maybe you are looking for sympathy and some part of you craves Evie’s help – but you aren’t going to get it by filling our site with your negativity because there’s just no need for it. You aren’t filling up the magazine sites that call men trash, no, you’re over here pointing fingers at the people standing right beside you. 

There are many people who prefer to spend their whole lives complaining instead of seeking solutions.

MGTOWs, you’ve created online forums in order to keep to yourself, trying to maintain your own personal sovereignty, and if you want to do that, then do it — but don’t attack Evie articles that just want to help you. 

Closing Thoughts

It will probably never be clear to us why MGTOWs are so violently eager to fill Evie’s site and responses with their anti-women biases. Maybe they’re subconsciously trying to find ways to engage with women without being explicit about the reality we all know to be true — that men need women, and we need them too!

But, whatever the reason, if they’re so eager to continue this unnecessary charade of unjustified bile towards us, we’d like for them to just leave us alone since we write for women. MGTOWs, it’s time to follow your own name and just go your own way – because the women at Evie teach their readers to give respect and expect respect in return, and we do not have time for bitter, whiny men.