Why Are So Many People Refusing To Give Up Wearing Masks?

Throughout history, governments have always sought to increase their authoritative powers over the common man. But what happens when it’s the citizenry itself that calls out for more authoritarian abuse of power by the government?

By S.G. Cheah2 min read
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Political derangement is hardly a growing trend anymore, but that’s only because it seems like society has plateaued at the peak of inanity. That, my friends, is a nicer way of saying that our post-COVID society had been fully saturated with utter foolishness – that it’s now impossible to be even more politically ridiculous. 

“I’m Holier Than Thou Because I Wear a Mask”

The latest expression of this politically absurd trend can be seen practiced by people who refuse to give up mask-wearing, even when they have already been fully vaccinated. Professional media attention-seeker David Hogg, for example, haughtily declared that he feels the need to keep wearing a mask even though he’s fully vaccinated. 

Wow, is he doing so because he felt like taking extra precautions anyways, since it has been shown that the vaccine still might not protect him from COVID-19 – like when we found out that Bill Maher contracted COVID despite being fully vaccinated? No, of course not. Delusional people like David Hogg aren’t that benevolent. 

Rather, he wants to keep wearing a mask because he “doesn’t want people to think of him as a conservative.” Interesting, right? The scientific fact that he could be spreading COVID to others despite being fully vaccinated isn’t the reason why he chooses to put on a face mask. Instead, the choice to keep wearing a mask is determined by the virtue he wants to signal to others.   

Unhealthy Obsession with Masking

But David Hogg isn’t the only delusional person who wants to keep wearing a mask. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is another example of employing the face mask as a political issue. “If you want to keep wearing your mask then do it,” she said. “Personally I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc.”

All of that sounds peachy, except that doing so in practice just isn’t useful. There have been countless cases where family members didn’t contract COVID even when they were living in the very same household with someone else who tested positive. At this point, everything about this novel coronavirus is still up to speculation. No one on earth has a definite answer on how to stop the spread of viruses. 

“I’m Fully Vaccinated. But I’m Still Wearing a Mask” 

As Revolver News elegantly summarized it: “The regime’s propaganda was too effective. Millions of loyal cattle are too traumatized to go back to their old way of life.” 

They highlighted a recent poll that was conducted by The Hill, stating that a total of 42% of registered voters and a majority of Democrats thought that everybody should still wear masks outdoors, regardless of advice from the CDC or other health officials. 

For a group of people who will constantly flaunt their moral superiority of always “following the science!” this bizarre behavior obviously doesn’t compute. But a clue can be found in the previously mentioned Revolver article, noting that: “Mask cultists believe they were devotees of science, but the exact opposite was true; the only thing they were devoted to was the mask, and the regime.”

A Desire To Control and Rule Others

Nobody likes being nagged and there’s a good reason for that. Nagging is always a precursor to conflict. With nagging comes an ultimatum – do this or else. Now combine the act of basic domestic nagging with the support of an authoritarian regime. What you get is the mating of sanctimonious, overbearing neurotics with power-lusting bureaucrats. 

The pro-maskers (who are authoritarian in nature) will get their holy high of “do-goodism,” while the government will be able to expand its powers over the entire population. The unholy alliance of this subset of people will ultimately erode away our personal choice and freedoms. “Do this, or else you’re punished because your actions are in conflict with our official doctrine!”  

Closing Thoughts

The more mask-wearing is politicized, the less in touch we will be with humanity. It’s bad enough that mask-wearing hides our emotions and impedes facial recognition. But now, the subset of people who would happily use political force to order others around will end up victimizing a group of people who already suffer from a real problem of mask addiction

The way to combat this growing problem is to first step out of the insanity, and start asking basic, obvious questions.  If the vaccine works, then what’s the point of keeping your mask on? If you believe the mantra of “science-based, evidence-based, fact-based” approach of dealing with the pandemic, then why is wearing a mask still encouraged when there’s no evidence to suggest that masking works to combat the spread of COVID-19? 

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