Who Is Reesa Teesa? Woman's "Who TF Did I Marry" Series Garners One Million Followers On TikTok

A storyteller named Reesa Teesa has emerged on TikTok, and her insane tale of marriage has garnered one million followers in just a week. Here's a quick summary.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
TikTok/@ reesamteesa

Reesa Teesa married the love of her life – or so she thought.

A TikTok user who goes by "Reesa Teesa" sent the platform into a frenzy after uploading a 50-part story about her crazy ex-husband. She fittingly titled the series "Who TF Did I Marry?"

Teesa says her ex-husband was a "pathological liar" and nicknamed him "Legion," which is understood as a group of evil spirits or demons in the Bible. But the main reason she uses aliases in her story is because Teesa cannot use people's legal names without their permission, and she likely doesn't want to be involved in any lawsuits.

Her playlist has garnered millions and millions of views. In her introductory video, she says, "I'm going to tell the story of how I met, dated, married, and divorced a real pathological liar."

Teesa started her video series this week but has already garnered 1.2 million followers. Many assume she's making a good amount of money from TikTok's Creator Fund program, which rewards content creators for viral content. Love that for her!

“Who TF Did I Marry?” Quick Summary

I urge you to listen to the series yourself since it's juicy. Play it while you're working out, folding clothes, or driving. It's a great way to pass the time. However, if you don't have the luxury of listening to Teesa's story, here's a quick summary.

I'll use the "cliff notes" version circulating on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. Basically, Teesa met Legion in March 2020, two weeks before the lockdowns.

They talked online and decided to go out. Legion seemed trustworthy at first. In fact, he paid for her tire after it popped on the way to her first date (doesn't that seem like a bad omen?). They ended up hitting it off, and Legion eventually moved into her 3-bedroom home because he had a studio apartment. He paid for everything except her car insurance and phone bill.

In 2020, she miscarried, but Legion wasn't there to help her. He also cheated on her, and in 2021, she found out he was cheating with a prostitute. They sought marriage counseling. Throughout their relationship, he lied about many things, such as (courtesy of these screenshots I found on X):

  • His social security number on their marriage certificate

  • Playing Arena Football

  • His dad is a pastor

  • Having a lot of siblings

  • Having a baby brother, who was actually his older twin

  • Talking to his older brother on the phone every morning...when no one was on the other line

  • Being the VP of production at some company

  • Owning different bank accounts

  • His ex-wife cheating on him

  • Only being married once

  • Working at Apple

  • Working at a cemetery

  • Being a forklift driver

  • A lot of lies about his family, like how his "aunt" is actually his mother's friend

  • His ex-wife's daughter dying

  • His grandmother dying in 2020

  • Being a private citizen

  • Buying Teesa's ring from a jeweler when it was actually from Amazon

  • Claiming that Teesa cheated with a man named Bradley

To make matters worse, it turns out that Legion's life, which he painted as his own, turned out to be his twin's, a successful company VP who owned a BMW.

I'm leaving out lots of details because this story is incredibly long and spans 10-plus hours. But in the end, she got a divorce and hasn't heard from him since it was finalized.

In Teesa's final video, she talks about how therapy has helped her and that "the toll of reliving this whole scenario was heavy." It was difficult for her to finish the playlist. "It's just the fact that I'm reminding myself, 'How did you let this happen?'" She's also grateful that she did not "have that man's child" and that their plans to get a house fell through.

Oh, and Teesa talked about her wishes to visit Paris and London and her dream car. Given the overwhelming support she's been receiving from her viewers, those dreams don't seem too far away now.

"Yes, I will one day get to London," she adds. "I will get my dark blue BMW X4 with cognac interior. I believe I will get those things. Just got to get them a different route."

"So thank you all for being on the playlist of 'Who Tf Did I marry?'" she says. Teesa promises to go live for "a wine night full of question and answers."

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