Who Is Alix Earle And Why Is She Popular On TikTok? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Latest "It Girl"

Just who is the newest “it girl” Alix Earle? Why is she so popular, and what exactly did she do to get famous on TikTok? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, we’ve got you covered.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read
Alix Earle

If you’ve come across the name “Alix Earle” on your For You page, just know that you – and millions of others – are not alone. Countless TikToks have been made on the blonde enigma that is Alix Earle, and those who have been out-of-the-loop can’t help but Google-search her name (hence, why you’re probably here in the first place). Alix seemed to rise out of nowhere, garnering millions of fans and views from users on the massive video platform. Believe it or not, there are good reasons why the influencer got so popular in a short amount of time. So, without further adieu, let’s go over who Alix is and why her fans love her so much! 

Who Is Alix Earle?

Alix Earle is 22 and attends the University of Miami Herbert Business School. She’s an intern and heiress of Earle, a New Jersey-based company that’s owned by her family. She dated former Yankee player Tyler Wade, but the pair called it quits in December 2022. Their breakup, though not the highlight of Alix’s internet persona, did help propel her to stardom.

In the span of that same month, the bombshell gained nearly 2 million followers on TikTok and currently boasts 3.1 million today. She's predicted to gain an influx of followers if this trajectory continues, so we won't be surprised if she has more than 10 million by the end of 2023! 

Why Do People Like Alix Earle So Much? 

Besides her beauty and glamorous lifestyle, Alix is also known for her "get ready with me" content on TikTok. The influencer frequently uploads videos of herself applying her makeup while she gives the audience the latest scoop in her universe. To many young women, Alix feels like the best friend who's talking to you on FaceTime, the role model who doesn't make her lavish and luxurious lifestyle her entire personality.

"Because she feels like your cool best friend, you feel like you know her, and that means you'll be loyal to her," explains one TikToker, @samanthatannor. It's her authenticity and her down-to-earth demeanor – despite coming from an affluent family – that attracted people to her. In fact, Alix has always been open about her cosmetic procedures, a seemingly easy task that even the biggest celebrities fail to do. 

Allow me to give you an example – Alix uploaded a video of her messy room this week, which featured a dead bouquet of flowers and cups of unfinished juice on her dresser. She showed off her makeup stand that displayed brushes and cosmetics chaotically piled on top of each other. Her floor had shoes and clothes everywhere, and her bathroom was full of even more unorganized products and a broken toilet. You get the point – Alix Earle, regardless of her background and near-perfect appearance, is a messy girl. The fact that she didn’t hide it or pretend to be an organized “it girl" ironically brought her more admirers than critics. 

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are full of seemingly manufactured “it girls” who have it all put together. They’re often organized, clean, and don’t show their imperfections. Nearly everything they record is aesthetically pleasing, from makeup, clothes, to even their food. Many of them – if they have gone under the knife – claim to be natural, even if all they’ve opted for is lip fillers. What I’m saying is, Alix Earle (at least to her fans) seems real. Her videos don’t give the same energy as other influencers who propped their phones up on a stand to film themselves just getting out of bed for their “what I do in a day” content. Instead, Alix uploads the relatable material, like her mishaps or her story times.

There is, of course, the bandwagon effect that naturally occurs with any content that has high engagement. The amount of fans on TikTok that gave Alix positive feedback is incredibly overwhelming, easily influencing the rest of the audience members who scroll through TikTok to do the same.

Celebrities Want To Hang with Alix Earle

Alix didn’t just catch the attention of her followers – her newfound fame has also attracted celebrities. As reported by the Daily Mail, Alix attended Drake’s 36th birthday party at a restaurant in Miami. Recently, she made a TikTok with Selena Gomez to promote the celeb’s Rare Beauty line. And, that’s not all – Alix and TikTok superstar Dixie D'Amelio attended Miley Cyrus' New Year's Eve Party this past weekend as well. There’s no doubt there will be more celebrities who will be reaching out to Alix in the near future! 

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, Alix Earle's sudden rise to fame has been insane. At this rate, she's most likely going to stand alongside Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae in the TikTok Hall of Fame.

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