Who Are The DES Daughters? Big Pharma's Cancer-Causing Drug That Harmed Millions Of Pregnant Women And Their Babies

The women who were exposed to a prescribed synthetic hormone in the womb are living examples of medical malpractice.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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From 1938 until 1971,  Diethylstilboestrol (DES) was prescribed to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages, premature labor, and other pregnancy-related complications. After 33 years of doctors prescribing DES, the FDA called for its discontinuation due to it causing a rare cancer called clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA). Today, the women who were exposed to this medication in the womb have a 40-fold increase of developing CCA, and are two and a half times more likely to get breast cancer. They're now known as the DES Daughters.

The Victims of DES

A total of five to 10 million individuals were exposed to the drug, including the DES mothers, daughters, and sons. The DES daughters have elevated risks of abnormal cells in the cervix and vagina. They also have a higher chance of infertility, structural issues in the reproductive system, and other pregnancy-related complications. The males who were exposed to DES in the womb have an increased risk of genital abnormalities, decreased sperm count, and inflammation in the testicles.

As of today, the victims of DES have difficulty receiving lawful compensation. In order to achieve compensation, DES sons and daughters must have proof of the company that sold their mother the cancer-causing medication. If this is far too difficult to achieve, they can try other options that are in accordance with the market share liability rule (claims for medical negligence). In this case, if they can prove that they're unable to specify the company, then they may be liable to receive compensation of $4 million dollars.

History Repeats Itself – So Does Medical Malpractice

This is not the first time medical malpractice has occurred on a wide scale: In 1976, a vaccination program during a swine flu outbreak set forth by President Ford successfully inoculated 45 million Americans. After just 10 weeks, the program halted due to a series of vaccine injury reports. It was discovered later on that a pandemic never even occurred. 

This is not the first time medical malpractice has occurred on a wide scale.

From 1997 to 1998, healthcare professionals prescribed Bromfenac to treat eye pain and swelling after cataract surgeries. In the year it was on the market, there were 12 cases of severe liver damage, eight liver transplants, and four deaths. And people wonder why some Americans are skeptical of “experts.”

Closing Thoughts 

Mainstream media shouldn’t demonize the individuals who question the integrity of Big Pharma and healthcare “experts.” Millions of people have been hurt (repeatedly!) by so-called “trusted” doctors and healthcare providers. It’s time for America to take its health back from the hands of greedy pharmaceutical companies.

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