White Supremacy Is A Lucrative Scapegoat For Problems We Don't Want To Solve

Let’s be honest, it’s crystal clear to us by now that the progressive political machine is obsessed with race. You can think of them as a one-trick pony. And their only trick is to blame everything on white supremacy.

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
White Supremacy Is A Lucrative Scapegoat For Problems We Don't Want To Solve

When historians in the future examine the ruling political climate of the age we’re living in today, they’ll sum it up as “everybody vs. the white guy.” If that sounds like an exaggeration, then perhaps we should take a moment to examine the leading media coverage on racial issues in America today. 

  • If a white cop kills a black man, like in the case of George Floyd, we see months of civil unrest like the 2020 summer BLM riots. Throughout the globe, not only did everyone show solidarity against racism and against white supremacy, but they also broke the pandemic’s quarantine requirement.   

  • But if a black police officer kills a black man, like countless cases across America from Chicago to Detroit – nothing. The media barely sheds any light on the thousands of innocent black lives that are lost to inner-city crimes and gang violence.

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  • If a white guy allegedly rapes a woman, like in the case of the Columbia University rape controversy, the media goes to town with months of news about the rape culture of the white patriarchy.

  • If two black men rape a white girl and kill her, media silence. No mention of whether or not the crime was racially motivated.

  • If a mass shooter happens to be white, his motive for his crime is based on the shooter’s white supremacy.

  • If a terrorist is Muslim, it’s Islamophobic to bring up his race. Actually, scratch that, since the shooter looks like a white man, he’s a white Syrian, and it’s also white supremacy. 

  • Asians are discriminated against for years by colleges and institutions of higher learning in order to favor applicants from other races. Silence. No media outrage.

  • Black men attack and kill Asians randomly for months, like in the case of Ms. Ee Lee who was beaten and gang-raped to death in front of multiple witnesses at a park in Wisconsin. Silence. No media outrage.

  • A mass shooting occurs at a massage parlor (which turns out to be a front for sex trafficking). It’s white supremacy trying to eradicate Asians. Even when the shooter himself stated that his attack wasn’t racially motivated.

  • If two black teenagers carjack and taser an Ubereats driver, killing him, the press labels it an "accident." The girls' race is barely, if ever, mentioned.

The message is clear, isn’t it? According to today’s leading media narrative, everything that’s wrong with society can be traced back to “oppression by the white man.” Whether or not this accusation is justified, or even valid, isn’t the point. The point is "Down with white supremacy!" – even when there's zero evidence to show that white supremacy is a legitimate problem in America.  

Why Does the Myth of Widespread Racism Endure? 

Journalists, academics, and politicians are deeply invested in keeping racism and oppression at the center of our cultural discussions. Journalists are invested because hyping the social justice narrative sells. Academics are invested in promoting their own useless disciplines as reputable. Politicians are invested in perpetuating a worldview that necessitates "structural changes" that only they can usher in.

Of course, the root of all these destructive narratives begins in academia. Take critical race theory, for example. This once-obscure academic theory has now infiltrated nearly all of higher education and now is being enforced throughout public schools as well.

An example of the origins of one of these radical agendas can be found in the teachings of the Cloward-Piven Strategy from Columbia University. Inspired by the riots in a black neighborhood of Watts, Los Angeles, socialist-intellectuals Cloward and Piven created an entire strategy that centered on civil unrest and violence

The intelligentsia is desperate to appear relevant and important from the comfort of their ivory towers. 

Like every other absurd non-issue (such as fatphobia, transphobia, or “the patriarchy”), the so-called problems with “white supremacy” originated from the terrible ideas promoted by a class of the intelligentsia desperate to appear relevant and important from the comfort of their ivory towers. 

As Thomas Sowell so aptly said, “Intellectuals, unlike normal people, are unaccountable for what they do, and as a result are unconstrained when it comes to foolishness.”

What Can't You Blame on White Supremacy?

White supremacy has become the boogeyman for any societal ill that radicals don't want to find the root cause of. Income disparities between races? Blame it on a history of oppression and white supremacy. A deranged white man shoots and kills people in a rampage? It's obviously a product of his white supremacy. Standardized tests, behavioral standards, and mathematics are all products of white supremacy too.

Standardized tests, behavioral standards, and mathematics are all products of white supremacy.

What radicals don't want to admit is that life is a lot more complicated than blaming one group of people for everything wrong with society. Worse, in no society in history has focusing on one group's perceived "privilege" ever ended well.

The Soviet Union's obsession with class warfare against the invented "kulak" class ended up killing nearly 6 million Ukrainians in a horrific famine. The only difference today is that Marxists use language about race and ethnicity rather than simply economic classes (although they bemoan those too.)

There's no good path forward with this rhetoric. Blaming every societal ill on the boogeyman of white supremacy is not only incredibly dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric, but it also obscures any discussion of the real causes and solutions to the problems our country faces.

Closing Thoughts  

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” is one of the most powerful speeches given in the 20th century. Everyone knows the content of that speech by now.  Paraphrasing him: “I have a dream that my children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” 

Don’t we all have a dream that we’d be able to one day shed America’s juvenile obsession with non-existent structural racism too? There are real, existential problems that Americans should be worried about. Among these problems are the nightmare of America’s unfunded liabilities ($210 trillion), the national deficit at 108% of our GDP, the declining life expectancy in America due to growing poor health, and many other problems. White supremacy, however, is not one of them. 

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