Critical Race Theory Is The Root Of Our Current Unrest, And They're Teaching It In Schools

10 years ago, if you told someone they’d be watching children depicted pornographically on a mainstream media service, they’d tell you to get lost and stop your fear-mongering. Fast forward today, and we have "Cuties" on Netflix. What happened?

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
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The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory is what happened. 

Recently, the White House issued an executive order to stop funding the instruction of Critical Race Theory at the federal level. Why is this a controversy? In order to answer that question, we’ll have to understand the Frankfurt School’s influence on American institutions.

Just a Conspiracy Theory?

But before we dive into the world of Critical Race Theory, let’s first examine a peculiar trend you might be familiar with today. Have you noticed how often questions that may lead to uncovering uncomfortable truths are quickly deemed to be “conspiracy theories” by the media establishment? 

Weaponizing Ridicule

The rush to dismiss any further inquiry by labeling something a “conspiracy theory” is perhaps one of the most diabolical tactics of censorship we’re observing in our time. Back then, it used to be that conspiracy theories had an element of the supernatural. Crop circles, alien abduction, UFOs – conspiracy theories were used to address government collusion with aliens to cover up classified experiments done to the public.

It used to be that conspiracy theories had an element of the supernatural: crop circles, alien abduction, UFOs.

It was easy to see why normal people would disregard the thought of the government secretly conspiring with inter-terrestrial aliens as absurd and dismissible. But today, the “conspiracy theory” label is used as a way to shut down inquiry and to silence dissent. Public ridicule has been weaponized as a form of social control. And believe it or not, this censorship through mockery is “political correctness” in action. 

This is a very informative documentary on the history of political correctness made in the ‘90s about the Frankfurt School’s promotion of Cultural Marxism in America today:

Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

Perhaps the most absurd, and yet the most revealing clue about the Frankfurt’s School of Critical Theory can be seen in how they silence dissent. Rather than addressing the allegations made against the Frankfurt School, the opponents of Critical Theory are summarily slandered as pushing the conspiracy theory of Cultural Marxism. 

Opponents of Critical Theory are summarily slandered as pushing the conspiracy theory of Cultural Marxism. 

So we have to ask, what is the conspiracy theory in regards to Cultural Marxism? The smear campaign started when the opponents of Critical Theory recognized a pattern that can be laid out as the Frankfurt School’s 11 point plan to subvert Western Civilization. These are:

  1. The creation of racism offenses.

  2. Continual change to create confusion.

  3. The teaching of sex and deviant sexuality to children.

  4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority.

  5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

  6. The promotion of excessive drinking.

  7. The emptying of churches.

  8. An unreliable legal system with a bias against victims of crime.

  9. Dependency on the state or state benefits.

  10. Control and dumbing down of media.

  11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

Conspiracy theory aside, ask yourself if these 11 points are indeed playing out in our culture today. Remember again that just a decade ago, we would have NEVER imagined that it would be acceptable for children to be dressed up in drag nor be portrayed pornographically on-screen (Point #3 of the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxism).

Remember also that before Cultural Marxism took over, you had a right to defend your own property. Critical Race Theory took that away by claiming that homeowners like the McCloskeys and business owners like Jake Gardner have no right to defend their own property against rioters and criminals (Point #8 of the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxism). 

So go through the 11 point list and ask yourself if Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory or if Critical Theory is silencing dissent by mocking sincere inquiry? 

The Origins of Critical Theory

Critical Theory originated from Immanuel Kant’s Critical Philosophy. Critical Philosophy states that "proper inquiry is not about what is out there in reality, but rather about the character and foundations of experience itself.” Critical Philosophy is the basis of Feminist Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Critical Race Theory — basically, every “woke” college course out there.

This is why, to the adherents of Critical Race Theory, it doesn’t matter that the first slave owner in America was a black man. America was founded on racism and slavery according to “The 1619 Project.” Nor does it even matter that blacks also owned slaves in America. What matters for Critical Race Theory is the “black experience of slavery,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Proper inquiry isn’t about what’s out there in reality, but rather the character of experience itself.

Black Lives Matter is Critical Race Theory in action. BLM activists seek to tear down “white supremacy” by tearing down the police, tearing down statues, and tearing down businesses. Feminist Theory and Queer Theory seek to tear down “the patriarchy” by tearing down the family, motherhood, and marriage. Gender Studies seeks the destruction of gender roles and the dichotomy between the male-female genders. Even the selection of a new Supreme Court Justice warrants the call to “burn the entire f***ing thing down.” 

How Today’s Higher Education Has Failed the Young

All young people dream of the future. With hope and optimism, they attend institutions of higher learning with the intention of acquiring knowledge and wisdom so they can build their future. But instead of being taught how to think, their minds are subsequently destroyed in college through lessons in Critical Theory. 

As a result, this new class of intellectuals doesn’t achieve anything in reality, except destruction. As the saying goes, this isn’t a bug, but rather, it’s a feature of Critical Theory. It’s why we rarely hear kids on campus today proudly proclaim that they’re dedicating their lives to finding a cure for cancer. Rather, they’re dedicating their lives to “fighting the system.” 

Trade schools don’t teach Critical Race Theory; a leaking pipe doesn’t care what race a plumber is. 

It’s clear how this problem presents itself in the halls of academia because rarely do you see young people who are training to become plumbers, electricians, or welders protesting against “racial injustice.” No one has time to waste with Critical Race Theory in trade school, if it’s even taught at all. A leaking pipe doesn’t care if a plumber is white, black, or brown. The only thing that matters is that the plumber knows how to fix it. And fixing things isn’t what matters in Critical Theory. 

Closing Thoughts

While it may be too late to save the current crop of young SJWs who have already been corrupted by the nihilism of Critical Theory, it’s still not too late to rescue future generations from being destroyed by this insidious dogma in school. The first step is easy. Stop subsidizing Critical Race Theory at the federal level.