Which Sitcom Character Are You? Find Out Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Sitcoms have always given audiences a diverse cast of female characters, and there are so many awesome women that we can all see ourselves in at least one.

By Meghan Dillon3 min read
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Based on the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, here’s a breakdown of the 16 types of female sitcom characters. (If you don’t already know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you can take the free test here).

ESFJ - Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

Compassionate and empathetic, Leslie Knope cares for others and truly wants the best for everyone. She’s a strong leader who can go a little overboard at times, but she means well and has a heart of gold. She’s also super loyal and the type of friend you’d want to have by your side when you’re going through tough times.

ISFJ - Kitty Forman (That 70s Show)

Though Kitty has her moments, her good and loyal heart is the center of her personality. Her career as a nurse demonstrates that she’s a great caretaker, and she embraces a motherly role in all of her son’s friends' lives. She’s the type of mom that will always have your back (even when you’re wrong).

ESTJ - Monica Geller (Friends)

Smart, organized, and goal-oriented, Monica likes things in order. She can be very tense (and intense) at times, but her work ethic and big heart are what make her such a strong leader and good friend.

ISTJ - Alex Dunphy (Modern Family)

Though Alex is quiet and the epitome of the loveable dork, she’s as loyal as they come and loosens up as she gets older. She’s independent and sure of herself without being too cocky, and we’d take her as a sister any day.

ENTJ - Bernadette Rostenkowski (Big Bang Theory)

Bernadette is loud and the perfect balance of feisty and sweet. She’s a perfectionist and a great leader. Her assertiveness can make her seem like she has a tough exterior, but she has a heart of gold.

INTJ - Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

While she can be awkward, Claire is also smart and imaginative. She may prefer to be by herself, and her perfectionism can be a little off-putting, but her love for those around her proves that her heart is in the right place.

ENTP - Alexis Rose (Schitt’s Creek)

Alexis is creative, bold, and rebellious. Though she can come across as rude to others at first, those who know her know her good heart and how she can find humor in any situation.

INTP - Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

Lucille can come across as cold, but she’s as smart as a whip and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s unapologetically herself and hilarious, making her rare appearances in large group settings one to remember.

ESTP - Donna Meagle (Parks and Recreation)

Donna is both hilarious and confident in her own skin. She’s equal parts bold and amusing, which can lead to some impulsive decisions, making her the most fun person in the room.

ISTP - Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)

Independent in every way, Robin isn’t afraid to break conventional rules and be herself. Both creative and practical, she’s unique and can be stubborn, but she knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

ESFP - Rachel Green (Friends)

Rachel is a spontaneous social butterfly who always wants everyone around her to have fun. Though her rebellious nature can get her in trouble sometimes, those who know her appreciate her kind heart and positive nature.

ISFP - Ashley Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Optimistic and charming, Ashley is a passionate and creative soul. Some might perceive her as shallow because of her love for material things (she’s modest compared to older sister Hilary), but those who know her know that she’s caring, kind, and unafraid to be herself.

ENFP - Jess Day (New Girl)

Empathetic, caring, and open-minded, Jess is an absolute sweetheart. She gets along with almost everyone because she’s that good at connecting with others, and her ability to see the bright side of anything is truly beautiful.

INFP - Pam Beesley (The Office)

Equally reserved and bubbly, Pam is a kind and passionate soul. Though it can take her a bit to open up, those who know her can’t help but adore her for her big heart, patience, and kindness toward everyone around her.

ENFJ - Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)

Smart, outgoing, loyal, and kind, Lily is both hilarious and imaginative. She shows she’s good with others by being a good friend to Ted through all of his relationship woes and has a talent for finding the bright side in any situation.

INFJ - Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

It’s hard not to love the idealistic and reserved Liz Lemon. Though it takes getting to know her for her personality to shine through, those who know her know she’s as kind as she’s hardworking. She can be a kook, but IMO anyone who isn’t a little weird is boring.

Closing Thoughts

From funny introverts like Kitty Forman to kind-hearted extroverts like Jess Day, everyone has at least one female sitcom heroine they can relate to. Which one is yours? Comment and tell us if it rings true!

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