Which Rom-Com Heroine You Are, Based On Your Personality

Anyone else miss the Golden Age of Rom-Coms? It was an era in American film brimming with iconic female heroines, each embodying a unique facet of femininity.

By Carmen Schober3 min read
Universal Pictures/Pride and Prejudice

From the lovably imperfect Allie Hamilton in “The Notebook” to the beautifully bookish Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice” to the tough-but-sweet Gracie Hart in “Miss Congeniality,” there’s a special leading lady who speaks to each one of us.

Which one captures the essence of your romantic spirit? Let’s find out! 

Andi Anderson (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

If you're a savvy strategist in relationships, winning hearts effortlessly while keeping things light-hearted and fun, you're taking after Kate Hudson’s lovable Andi Anderson. Your communication skills and understanding of human behavior make you a relationship expert, but sometimes, your playfulness is a way to avoid serious conversations. Your style seamlessly combines sophistication with playfulness, and you're attracted to heroes who appreciate your humor, spontaneity, and quick-wittedness.

Danielle de Barbarac (Ever After)

If you’re a romantic at heart with a fairytale outlook on life, you resonate with Danielle de Barbarac. Your kindness and inner strength make you stand out, although you might tend to idealize romance. Your style likely exudes timeless elegance, and you're attracted to heroes who embody chivalry and kindness and who share your belief in life-long love.

Melanie Smooter (Sweet Home Alabama)

Torn between the charm of the city and the allure of your rural life roots? If you’re like Melanie Smooter, your journey involves finding where you truly belong. Your resilience and authenticity make you shine, but your indecisiveness could be a challenge. Your style is a chic fusion of modern elegance with Southern charm, and you're attracted to heroes who appreciate your authenticity, resilience, and genuine, down-to-earth nature.

Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)

Are you a fierce individualist with a sharp tongue and a love for classic literature? If your no-nonsense attitude and commitment to authenticity define you, then you share similarities with Kat. Your intellect and wit are your greatest strengths, but your independent attitude can sometimes push people away. Your style is casually cute with a touch of rebellious flair, and you're attracted to broody heroes who appreciate your intelligence, independence, and a good challenge.

Allie Hamilton (The Notebook)

If you believe in soulmates and enduring love, you share a kinship with Allie Hamilton. Your passion and loyalty are your guiding lights, but at times you may struggle with letting go of the past and embracing a new beginning. Your style seamlessly combines vintage elegance with a dash of whimsical romance, and you're attracted to heroes who embody passion and playfulness.

Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

If you’re the queen bee of your social circle with charm and a killer sense of fashion, you’re reminiscent of trendsetter Cher Horowitz. Your confidence and leadership skills make you stand out, but you might have to work on deepening your perspective when it comes to appearances. You're attracted to heroes with confidence and a great sense of humor.

Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Are intelligence and wit your defining qualities? If so, you likely embody the spirit of Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet. Celebrated for her sharp mind and quick wit, your sense of equality and respect sets you apart, but you can be cold and closed-off at times. Your style reflects a blend of regal grace with a hint of modern sensibility, and you love heroes with a strong sense of chivalry. 

Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

Possess an effortlessly chic style and a longing for love? If so, you share similarities with the iconic Holly Golightly. Your free-spirited nature and sense of adventure are alluring, but your fear of commitment could be a hurdle. You're attracted to dapper heroes who appreciate your elegance and share your sense of adventure.

Summer Finn (500 Days of Summer)

If you're a free spirit in the realm of romance, Summer Finn might fit the bill. Your quirks and authenticity are adorable, but your non-conformist attitude might occasionally get in the way of deeper connections. Your style is a mix of bohemian chic with a dash of vintage charm, and you're attracted to heroes with their own set of endearing quirks. 

Amanda Woods (The Holiday)

Open to new adventures and unexpected romance? If spontaneity and kindness define your approach to life, you might take after free-spirited Amanda Woods. You might need to work on opening up – vulnerability is hard, especially in new relationships – but you might be surprised at the connections you make! Your style is a blend of casual sophistication with a touch of whimsy, and you're attracted to heroes who share your spontaneity. 

Jocelyn (A Knight's Tale)

If you’re drawn to romance with a touch of adventure and love a good renaissance fair, then Lady Jocelyn might be your match.  Your passion for unconventional adventures sets you apart, but you might also struggle with unrealistic expectations when it comes to love. Your fashion style is timeless yet boldly unique, and you're attracted to risk-taking heroes who embody chivalry and courage. 

Rosie González (Fools Rush In)

Navigating the dynamics of cross-cultural romance and family entanglements? If you’re like Rosie González, your authenticity and kindness make you stand out, but your impulsive nature leads to challenges. Your style reflects a blend of cultural richness with modern beauty, and you're attracted to loyal heroes who value family ties. 

Jane Nichols (27 Dresses)

Are you the best friend and eternal bridesmaid? If your journey involves self-discovery and the pursuit of your own happily ever after, you might mirror sweet Jane Nichols. Your kindness and sincerity shine through, but you put others' needs before your own more than you should. Your style reflects comfy, classic elegance, and you love down-to-earth heroes who know how to have a good time. 

Gracie Hart (Miss Congeniality)

If you have a tough exterior but a gentle heart, you could be a romantic in disguise like Grace Hart. Your courage and wit make you captivating, but trust and vulnerability don’t come as easily. Your style is all about function, but you’re a knockout when you embrace your feminine side. You love heroes with a quick wit and who share your love for justice. 

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