What Parisian Girls Are Wearing This Winter

Blame it on their storied fashion history, naturally fine taste, or famously svelte silhouettes, but one thing’s for certain: The French girls know how to dress. Even when it’s -10 degrees.

By Julie Drake3 min read
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There’s no denying it. When it comes to fashion, Parisians reign supreme. And, being winter, this matters now more than ever, as cold weather fashion can be tricky to navigate. While some view the endless layering and increase in volume as a boon to their style, others clearly struggle with the excess bulk, and we all know what happens when you don’t get the proportions right.

But luckily for us in the colder climates, we aren’t left to entirely fend for ourselves. Paris, as it happens, also experiences le winter chill. And as Paris is literally and figuratively the fashion capital of the world, we have some very fine examples to look to when wondering how to combat the cold. While the weather is not, Parisian fashion is hot, and it provides us with never-ending “cozy club” inspo – including, but not limited to, tall boots, long coats, and soft sweaters with jeans. Which will make even the grumpiest of winter grinches admit that there are a few things to like about the most frigid season of the year. 

Introducing the French girl’s guide to staying warm, snatched, and happy this season.

More than a Pop of Red

If Paris’s favorite color this season teaches us anything, it’s that subtlety is not a virtue (the French are nothing if not bold). The sartorial wallflower is never the one people are left talking about. It’s the girl with Taylor Swift’s favorite lipstick shade wrapped around her entire upper half or painted down the length of both legs (for days). A masterclass in rouge. Very merry indeed.

Super Bougie Fur

Nothing says big money like a giant fur coat. It also provides maximum chill protection (essential). Wear it like a French girl with all black underneath or for a “but first, coffee” run in casual jeans and Sambas. You’ll feel like you never left your bed, which should always be the goal.

A Fuzzy Bucket Hat

Nothing says quirky like the classic bucket hat. Make it fuzzy, and you’ll keep the noggin cozy all winter long. Match it to the rest of your outfit, and you’ve made it fashion. Coin a kooky phrase, and you’ll be fast tracked to your own show, playing the “new girl” and sharing a loft with three of your best guy friends in LA. Simply adorkable.

It’s a Pattern

It’s a pattern of concern that we haven’t yet incorporated these adorable embellished tights into every outfit this winter. Like a temporary tattoo for the entire leg, they’re the easiest way to “art” up your outfit. And while the protection from cold may be minimal, they will guarantee you a seat closest to the fire, which you should only give up when it’s time for flannel pajamas and the latest Hallmark movie, cozy blanket in hand.

Museum Casual

Dressing up is overrated. Especially if a stuffy museum is on the docket. Some may call it the most boring way to spend a Saturday, but if you look good while doing it, it’s hardly a day wasted. Follow Marine Diet’s lead in a casual black sweater and white trousers (don’t forget the matching Keds), and make sure to take advantage of the photo op, for maximum society cred #culturedgirl. 

Wicked Good Hair Bows

Every new delightful hair bow iteration that pops up on the feed fills us with immeasurable joy. Both because it maintains femininity’s stronghold on modern style, and also because it’s just so damn cute. Worn here by Camille Pidoux (with a stunning black dress) and Lucy Grasso, it couldn’t have been executed more perfectly, nor have more effectively renewed our love for the girlish accessory. Bravo, mes amies

‘50s Diner Chic

In what may be the most adorable skirt choice we’ve ever seen, Emmanuelle Koffi has single-handedly resurrected retro. The poodle skirt (minus the poodle) is giving “remind me why these ever went out of fashion?” The A-line silhouette is as feminine and flattering as they come, and paired with a matching cropped jacket (and, once again, Sambas), you’d be hard pressed to find anything comfier or cuter. It’s our guess that immediately after this photo she twirled her way to the latest sock hop for some good old-fashioned fun. 

Dirty Dancing-Core

Add this to the “perfect throwbacks” category. In a powder pink confection bordering on cosplay (not a bad thing), Juny Breeze is ‘80s aerobics meets ballet, and the result is a potentially new aesthetic for 2024. Just imagine this look with one of those super bougie furs over the top. Je ne sais quoi perfection. 

Très Grande Boots

Hellooooo, the boots are everything. (They’ve never not been.) The Margot Robbie of footwear, this quintessential winter fashion piece always steals the show. Styled two ways, with a mini and a jacket, or over sexy black leggings, tall boots are never the wrong choice, and will guarantee maximum lower limb warmth – no matter the highs and lows. 

Off with Her Shoulders

Saving the best for last, any true fashion girl simply cannot go without a fabulous off-the-shoulder sweater this season. Tastefully alluring, the coquettish piece shows just enough skin, without any unnecessary freezing of le buns. Because le buns must be kept toasty, at all costs.

Closing Thoughts

While the weather outside is frightful, your OOTD doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, the French have proven there’s a way to do winter fashion without falling prey to the dreaded Randy effect (poor Randy). The assignment was to ensure not a single inch of bare skin is exposed to the elements, without looking like a marshmallow, and our Parisian sisters seem to have aced it. 4.0 Fashion Point Average. Bonaparte energy. Where’s my passport?

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