What Is French “Lazy Girl” Fashion?

French girls have always embodied feminine style, especially in the spring and summer months! As you begin transitioning your wardrobe for sunnier days, take inspiration from this “lazy girl” fashion trick!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read

Recently, I started following a ton of French micro-influencers in order to learn from their effortless style and gain inspiration for my own spring wardrobe. One of the newest trends popping up in my IG feed, however, is an updated take on an unfortunate American look: the sweatpants in public outfit. While fashion in the U.S. has its high points, it also has its very low points, and the sloppy, post-gym outfit “aesthetic” has taken over schools, coffee shops, and malls across the nation. 

Dressing up for outside events and errands is becoming a thing of the past – and we want to change that trend for the better! Athleticwear is meant for active purposes and the occasional lounge day at home, but it certainly does not resemble the feminine touches our society desperately needs. However, I do understand the desire for comfortable outfits that look cute and put-together, which is why I’ve relied on Parisian fashion for an answer. 

French women have channeled this cozy, comfortable outfit into a look that is actually full of class. Sweatpants have been replaced with thin cotton pants in various colors and patterns, which provide significantly more styling potential and an overall more put-together look. I can imagine running errands, grabbing coffee, or even taking an afternoon stroll in this simple yet sophisticated outfit combination. 

As the spring season approaches, this French girl “lazy” style hack is the perfect way to transition your winter pieces into warmer weather – without sacrificing your comfort or style. Want to bring this trend to the U.S.? Here are the basics you need to know!

French Lazy Girl Must-Have: Thin Cotton Pants

The most obvious switch is from the standard (boring!) athletic leggings or sweatpants to a pair of thin, cotton pants or even boxer shorts. Avoid pants that cinch at the ankle (like a cotton jogger) and baggy styles that don’t shape your lower half. While these pants likely resemble your favorite pajamas, the styling of this piece will elevate it past your regular bedtime!

Style with Cropped Cardigans

Shed your winter coats in favor of a lighter alternative: the cropped cardigan! The best part about cardigans is that they’re just as soft as your favorite hoodie, but they look classy and effortless. Pair a sleeveless cardigan with a simple white tee and your cotton pants for an easy, interchangeable outfit combination. 

Style with a Colorful Sweater

Another spring focused way to style the cotton pants is with an equally colorful sweater! Simply choose a hue that matches your pants, and your lazy girl outfit is complete. Add UGG boots or a basic sandal for a seasonally appropriate look. And while Barbie pink was certainly on trend last year, we can expect pink hues to stick around this year as well! 

Style with UGG Minis

The UGG mini boots are well-loved by French women – and they perfectly capture the overall “lazy” cute vibe of this look. The combination of the patterned pants with the UGG mini boots offers an elevated version of your typical WFH outfit (slippers included) without the shapeless, sloppy look that you may gravitate toward. And if you haven’t been able to get your hands on a pair of these sold-out shoes, you can easily swap them for the Birkenstock Boston Clogs or a basic sneaker. Simple, sweet, and soft all day! 

Shopping Recommendations

Our lazy American outfits are in need of a serious refresh – and, as usual, we love taking inspiration from the effortlessly chic French girls. Add a touch of lip gloss, and your “lazy” outfit will be your favorite look of the week! 

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