6 Places Where People Don’t Dress Up Anymore But Should

As feminine fashion is nearing a resurgence in popular culture, we would also like to point out another gaping problem in the style trends of today – the social acceptance of dressing like a slob! While so many changes have occurred in our culture in recent years, there is no reason to fall under this casual dress code, especially as women.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Putting effort into our appearance used to be a social norm, but along with many other detrimental changes in culture, dressing up is no longer a social value. The devaluing of femininity is also related to this cultural change, which is why we need to start putting effort into our appearance again. Other than the fact that maintaining a presentable appearance is a sign of respect, it also increases your confidence and your energy for the day. There’s a reason we put together a great outfit for a first date or a job interview!

Keeping this mindset for everyday events and errands will help you grow in your confidence and show the world that you value the little things. It may seem like a small thing, but people notice an inner and outward glow when you feel your best – and who doesn’t want to glow?

Take a cue from Tom Ford, as “dressing is a form of good manners,” and remember that femininity and class are reflected in your clothing choices. Ready to see the six places where people should dress up but don’t anymore? 


Dressing up for a live performance is a sign of respect for the performers and crew, which means you have no excuse to look lazy! Depending on the venue, the dress code expectations might be less defined than in other places, but a presentable appearance should be a requirement when attending a live show. 

To play it safe, dresses are your best bet. Neutral or dark tones won’t distract the audience, and you should always avoid low cut or “club” style dresses in this setting. Stay classy and enjoy the show! 


Grabbing a bite to eat has become too casual, even in the dating sphere. If you’re headed to a restaurant, especially a sit-down eatery, you should not be in your sweats. Dressing up for dinner should be a social norm, as it has been for centuries before, so don’t miss your opportunity to approach the social meal with the same courtesy and respect. 

Not sure what to wear? Here are a few ideas!


Shopping days used to be an event worthy of careful makeup application and cute outfits (remember the days of getting cute to go to Target?). However, the lines at stores today look more like the gym locker room and less like a gathering of well-dressed women. Instead of leggings, activewear, and running shoes, try a simple combination of jeans and a jacket or a skirt paired with an oversized sweater, which is just as comfy as your typical gym clothes. 


Depending on the church, the dress code requirements might be more casual than in other places of worship. However, a casual “come as you are” atmosphere is not an excuse for a sloppy appearance. Coming together with a community is a great way to celebrate your blessings, which includes taking the opportunity to reflect the grace, peace, and gentleness that you hope to exemplify. Plus, Sunday mornings are perfect for those flowy dresses you have hiding at the back of your closet! 

Need some style inspiration for this upcoming Sunday? Check out these pretty looks!

The Airport 

Comfort and style don’t have to be separate concepts, and even if you’re spending time in an airport for a long layover, there’s no reason to look like you just rolled out of bed (even if you have!). The popularity of matching sets offers a functional, yet put-together option for travel that is just as cozy as your college sweats. 

Throw your hair in a slick bun or yesterday’s soft curls and apply your beauty non-negotiables before heading to the airport. You don’t need to spend time doing a full face of makeup, but choosing at least one non-negotiable step in your beauty routine will help you feel more confident and look more presentable as you’re running out the door. Personally, my non-negotiables are moisturizer, blush, and mascara. In total, this combination takes about three minutes to apply, but leaves my face soft and flushed, and highlights my eyes in a simple way. 

For you, it might be brows and a tinted lip balm. Or a serum. Or fake freckles. Whatever it is, decide now and keep it in an easily accessible location for quick application! Safe travels!


Speaking of college, we need to seriously update the approach to lecture hall attire. College students wear pajamas, yesterday’s sweats, uncoordinated outfits, slippers, and even worse outfit choices all around campus. Even with morning classes, it isn’t too difficult to throw on a pair of jeans and a cute sweater! Heatless curls and eyelash tints make an early morning routine a breeze, so there is truly no excuse for rolling out of bed in time for class. Plus, it’s important to practice these routines before entering the professional workplace. 

College is a great time to try out your personal style, so don’t miss the opportunity to get creative and find what you love! 

Basic Pieces That Dress Up Any Outfit

If reading this list prompts a little blush of embarrassment for you, no worries! Today can be your first step towards a more polished appearance. Dress up for your next public outing – regardless of where it is! There’s no reason to limit your personal style to boring, casual outfits. 

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