What His First Date Drink Order Says About Him

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Grabbing drinks is a great first date idea because it doesn’t take much time and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

It’s a fun and easy way to get a good first impression of someone, and what drink a guy orders can say a lot about him. Here’s a breakdown of what eight popular drink orders say about your date.

Keep in mind that these are sweeping generalizations and are simply a silly way to analyze every aspect of your date – not a serious guide to live and die by.

If He Orders an IPA

Sure, craft beer can be good, but the IPA stereotype exists for a reason. There's a chance your date could be a pretentious hipster – especially if he showed up to the restaurant in a flannel and beanie when it's 80 degrees outside. If this is the case, there’s a 99.99% chance he’ll pull out a vape pen during the date. Yikes.

If He Orders a Beer

You may roll your eyes at his simple order, but it shows that he’s a simple guy who just wants to unwind with a cold beer. The main difference is when it comes to which brand he orders. Bud or Miller Lite? He likes the classics. Stella Artois? He has got taste. Busch Light? He’s either still in college or the Peter Pan Syndrome is strong with this one.

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If He Orders Whatever You’re Having

Some women might cringe at guys who do this because it seems like they are trying to get brownie points, but I think it’s such a sweet way for a guy to show he wants to get to know you. It also shows that he’s open to trying new things and that he’s cool enough to drink something girly like a Cosmo.

If He Orders Tequila Shots

Shots can be fun on a night out, but not on a first date. If he orders a round of shots, he’s clearly there to party instead of getting to know you. There’s also a chance that he might just be in it for a one-night stand, and you deserve so much more than that. Kick this guy to the curb ASAP.

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If He Orders a Glass of Wine

You can never go wrong with a nice glass of wine. It shows that he has class and good taste but isn’t arrogant or a show-off. He’s also comfortable in his masculinity – many guys wouldn’t be caught dead with a glass of wine at a bar.

If He Orders the Most Expensive Thing on the Menu

If he goes out of his way to look for the most expensive thing on the cocktail or wine menu, then he’s trying to show off. The most expensive drink is rarely the best drink, proving he cares more about showing off how much money he makes than showing he has taste.

drinking wine first date fancy

If He Orders a Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic is a classy and safe choice, and it takes a sophisticated guy to order it. It’s the perfect mix of manly and elevated and shows he’s there for a good time but doesn’t want to get drunk.

If He Orders Whiskey

If he orders whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, chances are he’s a masculine man. This can also apply to a guy who orders a whiskey cocktail like a Jack & Coke or an Old Fashioned, but nothing is quite as manly as whiskey on the rocks. The key difference is if he orders a shot or a glass. Shots mean he’s ready to party (which is not ideal for a first date), and a glass means he’s ready to unwind and get to know you.

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Closing Thoughts

The drink that a man orders on a first date can say a lot about him. Is he there to party, to show off, or to genuinely get to know you? Next time you're sitting across from a potential suitor, keep these telltale signs in mind.

Lastly, don’t forget to flip the script and consider what your drink order says about you! 

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