Watch Out For These Scary Tactics Used By Sex Traffickers To Abduct Women

By Nicole Dominique
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Women have come out on TikTok and other social media platforms to share their scary experiences with trafficking methods.

Around 250,000 women in the U.S., including teenage girls, go missing every year. Even worse, it’s estimated that a child goes missing every 40 seconds. There is really no way of knowing how many of these missing cases are related to human trafficking since the practice is often hidden and covered up. And this pains me to say it, but we can’t fully depend on law enforcement to teach us or warn us about trafficking, especially when some individuals in positions of authority have been complicit in the past.

Luckily, with more women using social media to voice their concerns and share their harrowing experiences, the more educated we are about the methods that are used by sex traffickers to abduct women and children. These days, you can never be too safe, so it’s important to remain aware of these tactics. According to some users online, here are some of the methods to watch out for.

The Broken Glass Method

According to @protectivestyles, perpetrators will place glass behind car tires to cause a flat tire. They will then follow you until you have to pull over on the side of the road and will try to kidnap you once you get out of your car. 

The “Help Me” Method

Traffickers will use young women to lure individuals to open their doors. In this method, a woman will knock on the door during unusual hours (like 1 to 5 in the morning). They might pretend to be in danger or ask for help when in actuality there are others outside the door waiting for you to come out.

The Perfume Method

TikTok videos went around recently warning others of the “perfume method.” Supposedly, women will ask you if you’d like to try on some perfume that is laced with chemicals. If the scent is sniffed, it will cause you to pass out.

The "Buddy” Method

One woman on TikTok shared her personal experience with traffickers who allegedly tried to abduct her children. She said she was out with her husband when a couple started to get friendly with them. The woman started to ask her personal questions about her children, her pregnancies, and even where her kids were and who was taking care of them. The lady then suggested they drink and take a picture together, and she sent the photo to someone. Meanwhile, her husband was talking to the other man, and while he wasn't looking, she noticed that someone spiked his drink. 

The Air Tag Method

Women started to get notifications on their phones of someone tracking them via an AirTag (a tracking device created by Apple) this year. Apparently, women online were finding this device tucked under their cars and license plates, and perpetrators were using AirTags to track their location.

Closing Thoughts 

Human trafficking has been around for so long that it’s no surprise there would be a new number of tactics to abduct women. Hopefully, the more awareness we raise of these methods, the more women we can save. We want to know what you think about Evie! Take the official Evie reader survey.

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