VS Angel Elsa Hosk’s Best Style Moments

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VS Angel Elsa Hosk’s Best Style Moments

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk is not only beautiful, but she also has a really cool sense of style, and we’re totally jealous.

Elsa Hosk is a Swedish supermodel, and at 5’9” with bright blonde hair and big blue eyes, she’s hard to miss. Elsa is probably best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She walked the brand's last show in 2018, and unfortunately, you aren’t likely to see her walking Victoria’s Secret runway again since the brand has parted ways with its famous Angels. (We know, it's a tragedy.)

But nonetheless, Hosk is certainly not at a loss for work without Victoria’s Secret, and you can still see her walking many runways and in different ad campaigns. And even without all the modeling work, Hosk is surely still busy after giving birth to her daughter Tulikki Joan Daly (whom Hosk named after her Finnish mother) at home this past February. 

Even as a busy new mom, Elsa still looks super stylish. Trust me, you’ll want to copy all of her best style moments.


Honestly, what could be more perfect than the little black dress? Every woman needs one in her closet. We love how summery Elsa’s looks alongside her big hoops and red lipstick. 

White Robe

Only Elsa Hosk could make a white robe look this good. It’s a reminder that taking care of yourself is crucial to looking your best no matter what you have on, and also that femininity doesn’t have to be done up. It’s all in how you hold yourself. 

Touches of Pink

We love how Elsa was able to turn a simple white blouse into something special with a pink hair scarf and matching sunglasses. Accessories are the name of the game, people.

Pink Denim

Who says pink is too girly? Elsa Hosk definitely isn’t afraid to embrace her feminine side or the bright color. If you have some time to also do your hair like hers, we’re positive your confidence will shoot through the roof in this look.

Simple Sundress

Elsa might be Swedish, but she sure looked French girl chic in this white sundress, ballet flats, cat eyeglasses, and straw bag. Yes, all three can in fact be worn together without looking completely cliché. It’s the French girl uniform for a reason. 

Stun in a Swimsuit

Elsa might be in a simple black swimsuit here, which on its own is conservative and classic, but by adding the belt and big dangly earrings, she makes this look bold. But, hey, she pulls it off. If you do wear jewelry to the beach, just be very, very careful. 

Corduroy Jacket

I seriously can’t get over the pink corduroy jacket. It’s pretty and fun, but super versatile if your wardrobe has all the basics in neutral colors. Once you’re stocked up on wardrobe essentials, going all out with the perfect jacket and a baker boy hat is totally doable (and honestly, the most fun fall outfit you’ll ever wear).

Pretty Pajama Set

Whether you live alone or not, there’s always a time to wear a beautiful pajama set. And you have one every day. We’re in love with Elsa’s pretty floral set (and also wondering if we should give Franny and Zooey a try).

Men’s Shirt

Her shirt may be borrowed from the boys, but oversized styles can be ultra chic. Plus, if you get creative, you’ll be stunned at just how many ways you can style a button-down shirt. 

Bring on the Black

Elsa is rocking it with her baby on her hip. Monochrome looks are an easy way to look like you made a bigger effort than you really did. So for a cute outfit when you don’t have much time to think, pick a shade and throw on what you have. You might just find your new favorite outfit.

Linen Set

A white linen set will stand the test of time. Whether you separate the pieces or wear them together for a zero-thought-required outfit, if you get the fit right you’re guaranteed to look put together.

Chunky Sneakers and Coat

One style tip Elsa has mastered is mixing casual and dressy items together for an effortlessly chic look. Throwing a big coat over her athleisure totally leveled it up.

Loafers All Day, Everyday

Shoes can make or break an outfit, and with this one, the shoes totally made it for me. Elsa often rocks these Chanel loafers, but even without the logo (the Chanel ones definitely come at a price) adding black loafers to an outfit definitely ups the coolness factor.

Silk Dress

A silk dress might look fancy, but the way Elsa’s lying down on her couch proves that doesn’t mean they aren’t still super comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of comfort. A silk dress isn’t uncomfortable just because it looks dressy, so why not wear one to the grocery store if that’s where you’re headed?


There’s something so fun about unexpected pairings. Elsa’s especially good at this. Try all the different layering options you can. Go shopping in your own closet. You never know what magical new combination you could find! 

Knit Dress

This dress gives a whole new meaning to the word knit. It’s fitted and flattering. And with her bright blue heels, Elsa takes it to a whole new level. If you were of the mindset that knit is frumpy or old, think again.

Closing Thoughts

Elsa Hosk sure knows how to dress. With lots of unexpected combinations and a playfulness to her style where she isn’t afraid to get outside the box, she makes a really great source for inspiration when you feel like you need to try something new. 

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