Viral Teenage Filter On TikTok Has Adults In Tears—"Whoever Made This Filter, I'll Be Sending You My Therapy Bill"

The teenage filter on TikTok has gone viral on the platform, leaving older adults in tears. Here's why.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Teenage Filter

Aging is inevitable, but it's also beautiful. Lines and wrinkles are a sign of privilege, badges of the times we've endured and the knowledge we've acquired throughout our years of living. But life passes us by so quickly, and many people don't realize how long they've been alive until they're confronted with the present moment.

The teenage filter on TikTok shows us that it has an impact on older adults. With a press of a button, people are coming face-to-face with their past, their youth. It's reminding them of who they once were. For others, it brings up memories of the pain, insecurities, and emotional turmoil they endured in their teens or 20s. It makes them wish they had more compassion for their younger selves.

For these reasons, the TikTok filter brings up bittersweet emotions in the souls who have gathered an incredible amount of wisdom on earth. Let's take a look at what they have to say.

TikTokers Get Emotional

@mandertok on TikTok garnered nearly 13 million views and over one million likes on the platform. "So if you're young and you're wondering why us old people are all freaking out about this teenage filter," he says with the effects on, "it's because 20, 30 years from now, in your head, you're still gonna think that you look like this." He adds. "And then there will be some sort of filter that makes you realize you look like this now."

"This is EXACTLY what I looked like in high school," @tonerandh00ch shares in her video as her eyes water. "I want to hug her SO MUCH. Whoever made this filter, I'll be sending u my therapy bill," she jokes.

"Okay, I'm gonna use the teenage filter," says @ana_del_castilo. She starts to get overwhelmed when she turns the filter on. "This young 'me' just needed to be loved," she writes.

"I have a feeling my feelings are about to get hurt," @libbywilson12345, a beautiful woman in her 40s, confesses. She continues, "God, there's so much I wanna tell that person [the younger version of herself]."

Another woman with beautiful, gray locks tries the filter on. She wipes away her tears as she sees the younger version of herself.

Closing Thoughts

TikTok receives hate for many reasons, but the platform has also allowed people to share their thoughts with the world. There's an underlying message in many of these videos: Give yourself love now, and embrace the present moment.

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