Sarah Jessica Parker Is Proud Of The Fact That She's "Never" Stepped Foot In A Plastic Surgeon's Office

It's just a well-known fact that Hollywood A-list celebrities and actors have access to the world's best plastic surgeons that help them reverse the aging process. But "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker isn't interested in changing her face.

By Gina Florio2 min read
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is best known to the world as Carrie Bradshaw from the hit HBO series Sex and the City, and she opened up to Bustle about the inevitable aging process. She doesn't see the need for a plastic surgeon as she gets older, unlike many of her peers.

Sarah Jessica Parker Has "Never" Stepped Foot in a Plastic Surgeon's Office

Although Carrie Bradshaw entertains the idea of plastic surgery in the reboot of Sex and the City called And Just Like That, Parker is taking a different approach to aging. She told Bustle she has "never" visited a plastic surgeon. "Nope, nope, nope," she said.

While all the celebrities around her are opting in for all sorts of work that will slow the aging process, Parker is "not willing to devote a lot of real or psychic time to it." She certainly takes care of her skin and her health, but she's not eager to change her face with anti-aging surgeries. It's not too surprising coming from a woman who has remained a staple in Hollywood without ever changing certain natural features of her face that many people have cruelly teased her for.

“I’m also not delusional about the passage of time and the reality of it,” she added. “It’s not as if it doesn’t penetrate that other people have opinions about aging and my aging and the way I look and the way other women look—I’m aware of that.” However, she doesn't want to put women down who have opted in for surgery.

“It’s because I think the point of this larger conversation is what makes you feel OK when you walk out the door,” she said. “How best to feel like yourself is the thing I’ve probably spent more time thinking about than I have beauty or aging, because there’s just simply not a lot I can do about it. I could do more, but I guess I don’t want to.”

She shared her skincare routine with Bustle, which is pretty minimal. She only wears foundation if she has to go to work, and other than that the only makeup she really wears is a smoky eye that she creates herself.

“I use the moisturizer after I’m clean and showered and everything, and then I actually use it also at the theater when I get to work and I mix it with my base,” Parker explained. “I also use it at night as an eye cream with this other RoC product, the retinol. But I’ll use that once or twice a week at most because it’s got retinol in it so you have to be tender.” 

Rather than obsessing over looking beautiful, Parker says she would rather "say how I feel most like myself." She feels the most joy when she's living the life that she loves, even if it's just visiting a bookstore by herself.