Viral Photos Show Trans Teacher With Large Breasts While Teaching Classes At Canadian High School

By Nicole Dominique
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Images of a trans Canadian teacher in a high school with large synthetic breasts went viral this week.

Pro-woman website Reduxx reported on a teacher wearing large (synthetic) breasts in a Canadian high school, and the photos are disturbing, to say the least. 

Multiple photos showcase the teacher in the middle of class with a tight shirt with nipples protruding. The pictures went viral this week, and according to one user on Twitter, the teacher is the Manufacturing Technology instructor at Oakville Trafalgar High School. Reduxx found that the teacher goes by the name Kayla Lemieux on social media.

According to Reduxx co-founder and journalist Anna Slatz, students are unable to say anything about the issue. “The kids here most definitely don’t think it's normal… but realistically we can’t say anything,” one student said. “Last year, the teacher was a man. I don’t think the school can fire him.”

The synthetic breasts and outfit are glaringly inappropriate for school, and the school’s dress code policy states: “Dress codes must prevent students from wearing clothing that exposes or makes visible genitals and nipples." I guess the rule only applies to students, and not faculty members. This isn’t surprising, since their board of education is committed to creating a “safe” space for trans individuals in schools. Administrators may be fearful of approaching the teacher since it can be seen as “stigmatizing."

“The HDSB is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all members of the school community including students, staff, parents/guardians and community members who identify as, or are perceived as Two-Spirit, Queer, trans*1, Non-Binary, Intersex, and those who are questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity(ies),” the guideline says.

Reduxx has tried to reach out to OTHS for concerns, but they’ve had no luck, citing that the high school "refused” further questioning. 

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