Use The 37 New Apple Emojis To Up Your Texting Game

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Emojis have been around for years, so most of us are used to communicating with them via text and social media. Though some emojis are classics, others get old.

Lucky for us, Apple recently released 37 new emojis with iOS 15.4. (Technically, there are 123 new emojis if you factor in each skin tone variation, but whatever.) 

The highlights of the update are seven new smiley face emojis, the pregnant man (Why? Just why), a troll, heart hands, and beans (because apparently we needed that).

all new emojis

We’re sure that many of these new emojis will take on a meaning of their own outside their intended use (hello, peach), but here’s a fun way to use 10 of these newest emojis.

Spilled Drink

out of wine emoji

The right emoji to send to your husband when he’s on his way home from work and you realize you’re out of wine, so could he please stop and buy a bottle of cabernet sauvignon?


troll emoji

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up hungover, I feel like a troll. The “ugh, who else is hungover” message in your group chat is overused, so why not just send the troll emoji next time? It's also perfect for a day when you want to go into goblin mode.

Melting Face

melting-face emoji

I can think of two uses for this emoji. The first is that you can use it during the summer when it’s so hot that you feel like you’re melting, and the second is when something is so embarrassing that you feel like melting away. The shape of the smile on the emoji looks like a girl who just accidentally liked a three-year-old a picture of a guy she has a crush on, and we all know how embarrassing that can be.

Peaking Through Fingers

peeking face emoji

You know when something is so cringey that you want to look away but you can’t? Think of literally everything Michael Scott did in The Office that should have been a fireable offense. I’m convinced that this emoji is Pam’s face when Michael kissed Oscar to prove he wasn’t homophobic, and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Hand Covering Mouth

covering mouth emoji

This could also be used when something is so cringey that you can’t help but stare at it, but it also reminds me of laughing at something you shouldn’t be laughing at. Maybe a dark or politically incorrect joke? Maybe immature humor? You can get a lot of use from this emoji.

Heart Hands

heart hands emoji

Heart emojis are so last year. Send your friends the heart hand emoji the next time you want to let them know you’re thinking of them. It also reminds me of my college years when my friends and I would take pictures like this, and I just think it’s so wholesome.

Face Holding Back Tears

adorable tear eyes emoji

I always send my friend a heart eyes emoji and crying eyes emoji when I send a picture of my dogs because they’re so cute, but this emoji would sum it up perfectly. It’s the perfect emoji to pair alongside a picture of an adorable baby or dog.

Disco Ball

disco ball emoji

Captioning a night out with a drink emoji is so last year. Add a disco ball emoji to your Instagram post next time you go out with friends.

Dead Battery

dying battery emoji

Apparently the “dead” face emoji means that something is funny, so use the dead battery emoji when you feel like you’re exhausted or about to have a breakdown.


lifesaver emoji

Perfect for those times you’re purposefully offering terrible or sarcastic advice, or when your friend accuses you of being no help.

Closing Thoughts

Whether it’s a spin on a classic emoji or brand new one, it’s easy to up your texting game with Apple’s new emojis. Get creative and try out one of our favorites to add a little excitement to your convo whether it's between you and your man, your besties, or in the family thread.

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