Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas' Teammate Reveals That UPenn "Immediately Shut Down" Women Who Had Concerns About His Participation

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William Thomas is a young man who recently decided to "transition" and call himself a woman. He was previously a swimmer on the men's team at the University of Pennsylvania (ranked 462nd) and after he demanded to be referred to with she/her pronouns, he started swimming on the women's team.

Because of his obvious biological and physical advantages, which cannot be undone with hormone therapy and a different hairstyle, Thomas started dominating the women's swim meets. He won various meets by seven seconds and sometimes even 38 whole seconds. Naturally, the mainstream media has propped him up as some kind of trans hero and parents and UPenn coaches are simply allowing this young man to steal away medals from women who have worked tirelessly to get to where they are today.

Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas' Teammate Reveals That UPenn Silenced Women

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire interviewed one of Lia Thomas' teammates for his documentary "What Is a Woman" and she chose to speak to him anonymously to protect her identity. She revealed details about swimming on the UPenn team that aren't surprising to any of us. Any woman who raised concerns about Thomas' role on the women's swim team was "immediately shut down as being called a hateful person, or transphobic."

“There’s a lot of things you couldn’t talk about that were very concerning, like a locker room situation,” the teammate told Walsh. “If you even brought up concerns about it, you were [deemed] transphobic."

UPenn coaches told her and the other teammates that having Thomas on the team helps the school win and collect medals, but she says that winning "feels tainted" because it's not honest. Even worse, the coaches brought in someone from the LGBT center and psychological services to talk to the women on the team—as if they were the ones who needed psychological help.

"Lia's swimming is a non-negotiable," the coaches told the women during these meetings.

Walsh released this clip just after Thomas went on Good Morning America to talk about trans athletes not being a threat to women's sports. The sad thing is, this young woman on Thomas' team lives in fear that her identity will be revealed even though she is the only one in this scenario that possesses common sense and decency.

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