Trans-Identified Man Wins Miss Netherlands For The First Time

Rikkie Valerie Kolle, 22, called his win an "educational and beautiful journey," but few people are happy about his taking the crown from a woman.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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As transgenderism grows and becomes more popular around the world, we have seen many trans-identified men win women's awards, beat women's records, and now win women's beauty pageants. After we saw a man who goes by Anne Jakrajutatip take over the Miss Universe pageant and make a speech about women taking the lead, many people were concerned that transgenderism would soon take over the pageant circuit. That concern has turned into a reality, as the first man, who calls himself a transgender woman, has won Miss Netherlands.

Trans-Identified Man Wins Miss Netherlands for the First Time

A groundbreaking moment was observed in the pageant world when Rikkie Valerie Kolle, a trans-identified man, won the Miss Netherlands title for the first time in the competition's history. The 22-year-old's victory marks a milestone that is being marketed as a step closer to broader acceptance and recognition of transgender individuals in society.

As Sia's "Unstoppable" played, a visibly shocked Kolle held his hands over his mouth as he was declared the winner. The newly crowned beauty queen took to Instagram to express his joy and pride, stating that he was ecstatic to represent his community and prove that "it can be done."

Clad in a red gown, with his long hair neatly tied in a bun, Kolle stood hand in hand with the runner-up, 26-year-old Nathalie Mogbelzada from Amsterdam. Once Kolle's name was announced, he received a congratulatory embrace from Mogbelzada and was presented with the Miss Netherlands sash by the reigning Miss Universe, Texan R'Bonney Gabriel.

Kolle's victory is being hailed as a historic moment not only for the pageant, but for the world. It elicited a variety of reactions. While some contestants seemed unsure how to react, the official Miss Netherlands Instagram page posted a congratulatory message, celebrating the "beautiful" trans contestant. The pageant noted that the winner had shone throughout the show and had made significant progress along the way. The judges lauded Kolle for his strong narrative and clear mission, expressing their confidence that the organization would benefit greatly from collaborating with him. With his win, Kolle is now set to compete in Miss Universe, which is still owned by trans-identified male Jakrajutatipa.

While many congratulated Kolle on his win, others voiced their discontent, arguing that the title should have gone to a woman. After all, it's a women's pageant. Many people compared Kolle's photo to Mogbelzada's, proving that there is a very big difference between men and women in terms of beauty.

Despite the controversy, Kolle remains undeterred, expressing his excitement to prepare for the Miss Universe competition. "I DID IT!" he wrote in an Instagram caption. "It's unreal but I get to call myself @missnederland 2023. It was an educational and beautiful journey, my year can't be broken anymore. I'm so proud and happy I can't even describe it. Making my community proud and showing it can be done. 🏳️ ⚧️
And yes I’m trans and I want to share my story but I’m also Rikkie and that’s what matters to me. Did this on my own and loved every moment of it."

Kolle will not be the first trans person to participate in Miss Universe. Angela Ponce, Miss Spain 2018, competed but did not make it to the top 20. Trans-identified males have been allowed to compete in Miss Universe since 2012, a decision made during the tenure of former President Donald Trump.

On both Kolle's page and the official Miss Netherlands Instagram, there are hundreds of comments from women expressing their anger about the fact that a man has taken the crown away from women.

"Comments are passing the vibe check. We’ve had enough of this bullshit. You stole this title from REAL women. You have absolutely nothing to be proud of," a woman commented on Kolle's post.

"Well done. A man just stole the first place of a woman and gets applause for it. Full circle, we just killed 200 years of work of women who fought for equality," another woman wrote.

"Delusional insanity and mental madness is now celebrated in this fallen world. First of all it's not fair for a biological man to compete against biological women. Period! Second of all who decided that this was acceptable? Gender dysphoria needs counseling not praise. It's the only mental illness that's getting applauded and it's just mind-boggling to me that anyone in their right mind would look at this and consider it ok. Just STOP!!!! Men who want to be women will never be a real woman and it's delusional to think that they are. That's like me considering that I could be a real man when duh I'm definitely not a man!!!" another wrote.

It seems as though women are fed up with this kind of nonsense, as the popularity of transgenderism only continues to grow. However, there are plenty of women who are enabling this behavior. The only reason Kolle won Miss Netherlands is because all the women showed up to the pageant and willingly participated in this nonsense. Furthermore, Miss Universe placed the crown on Kolle and played along with the whole charade. The only reason women are losing their spot in beauty pageants, women's sports and competitions, etc. is because they are allowing the trans-identified men to participate—and win. The charade stops when women stop playing along with it.

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