Trans Owner Of Miss Universe Gives Speech About Ensuring The Pageant Is "Ran By Women, For All Women"

The iconic Miss Universe pageant took place on Saturday evening, featuring some of the most beautiful women from all over the world. The new owner came on stage to give a speech about the future of the organization being in the hands of women and women alone—but he's a biological male.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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A total of 84 contestants gathered in New Orleans to compete for the coveted title of Miss Universe 2023. Harnaaz Sandhu of India took home the crown last year. The women compete in three events: swimsuit, evening gown, and a personality interview. There is no talent competition. After the swimsuit portion concluded during the semifinals, the owner of the Miss Universe pageant came to the stage to give a speech about the future of the organization and how it needs to be in the hands of women. However, he's a male who identifies as a trans woman.

Trans Owner of Miss Universe Gives Speech About Ensuring the Pageant Is "Ran by Women, for All Woman"

We've been told for the last couple years that trans women are real women, but it doesn't take much to see there is a real difference between biological men and biological women. The owner of the Miss Universe pageant proved this to be true yet again. Anne Jakrajutatip is a biological man who took over the organization just a couple months ago. He was interviewed by The Journal, a podcast by Wall Street Journal hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson.

"I'm the first non-American woman, in fact, a trans woman, who own [Miss Universe] after 71 years," he said. "You're going to see the women's empowerment platform because the hosts, two of them, they are female. Commentators, they're all female. The judges, they're all female. The owner is the woman. The president of the company is a woman. The CEO of the company is also a woman. So everybody, we are women on the stage. If you are a man, you're not allowed to go on the stage, my dear. That is the evolution of Miss Universe. What you're going to see."

Despite the claim that only women would don the stage, Jakrajutatip strut out after the swimsuit event in a ball gown to present a leadership award to Miss Thailand. He gave an impassioned speech about the future of the organization and said something similar about having women lead the way for Miss Universe. He claimed that men were previously in control of the organization for too long.

"Now time's up! It's time for women to take the lead," he said. "Welcome to the new era of the global women's empowerment platform. Welcome to the Miss Universe organization ran by women, for all women... owned by a trans woman... We are all women!"

He excitedly said it was time to "celebrate the power of feminism" and embrace diverse cultures, creativity, gender equality, social inclusion, and the "beauty of humanity." He claimed he was "born as a trans woman who got bullied and sexually harassed" by a teacher. Jakrajutatip says he "was not accepted by society because they did not want to embrace my differences." But he "turned pain into power" and "life lessons into wisdom." Now his company owns the Miss Universe pageant and his goal is to "elevate our women to feel strong enough, good enough, qualified enough and never be objectified again!"

The crowd cheered for him and he stopped to say thank you to his fans in the middle of his speech, adding, "I love you too, my dear." Jakrajutatip said he took over the pageant 2.5 months ago and he wants to "enhance the organization's longstanding values and heritage" as its leader. "Are you ready?" he concluded. "Are you ready?!"

The obvious doesn't need to be said, but it has sparked outrage online as people are wondering aloud why everything has to turn itself into a progressive talking point. The idea that a man would stand up on stage—in a dress with a tremendous breast enhancement—and brag about freeing the pageant from evil men and handing it over to women is something that would come out of a South Park episode. But it has become our reality, and we're supposed to just nod in agreement and simply accept the wild concept that a man can magically become a woman through top-tier plastic surgery and a change in pronouns.