TikToker Reveals Her Husband Cheated On Her Then Begs Followers To Leave Him Alone After They Try To Get Him Fired: "Please, We're A One-Income Household"

A TikToker shares intimate details about her husband cheating on her during a trip to Vegas, but immediately regrets it after the videos go viral and multiple people call his place of work to try and get him fired.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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The trend of oversharing is strong on social media. The quickest way to gain new followers, gather millions of clicks and views, and build an account is to share intimate details about your personal life—and the more embarrassing, the better. After all, that's the stuff that gets people to stop, watch, and comment. TikToker Rachael Buck ( has 100,000 followers on TikTok and thought it would be a good idea to publicly share that her husband cheated on her during a recent trip to Vegas, just days after they celebrated their anniversary together in Utah. She made a series of several videos detailing the infidelity and her reaction, but is quickly learning that not everything is appropriate to share online.

TikToker Reveals Her Husband Cheated on Her and Shares Details of His Infidelity

On Monday, Rachael shared a one-minute video from the security camera on her front porch. Clothes and shoes were being visibly thrown from the upper story of the house all over the front yard of the home. Her husband was picking up all the clothes out of frustration, and at the very end of the video, you could hear her screaming at him in the background as he came back into the house. "LADIES: don't let your man go to Vegas without you," she wrote on the video. "F*ck around and find out," she wrote in the caption. The video has gathered a whopping 8.5 million views.

The next day, she posted a three-minute video explaining what happened. Her husband works in sales and had some kind of work convention in Vegas; they decided to spend the weekend together in Utah to celebrate their six-year anniversary before he headed to Vegas. He eventually went to a strip club with his friends, but stayed there by himself after his friends left because he just wanted someone to talk to.

He claims that he was drugged without his knowing and "lost five hours in the strip club." Rachael says he was "extremely, extremely confident that nothing happened." After he came home, he told her what happened but refused to take a drug screening to find out what kind of illicit substances were in his system. "This man is being suspicious, and he's trying to turn it back on me somehow," she shares with her followers.

She also tells her followers that her husband is being combative and making snide comments about how their divorce is going to be "epic." She also reveals, "The police may or may not have been called and showed up to my house." She expresses anger and frustration at the fact that her father and first husband abandoned her as well.

The first video detailing her husband's infidelity got 4 million views, while the other two gathered 1.7 million views and 1.4 million views. Thousands of comments poured in in support of her.

TikToker Begs Followers To Leave Her Husband Alone Because They Have Been Trying To Get Him Fired

On Tuesday, Rachael returns with yet another TikTok, but this time she wrote, "Please be kind" on the video. She starts by thanking her followers for supporting her and giving her encouragement, but then begs them in tears to please leave her family alone.

"I'm in this too, but please, please, my life has been torn upside down. We are a one-income household. I'm a stay-at-home mom," she cried. "Please don't threaten, and please don't try to call my husband's place of work. You're just going to make everything worse. This is my life, and I never in a million years would have thought that this would blow up the way it did."

"Clearly, it's striking a chord with women everywhere, and I talked to my husband today. He said to leave it all up. So I'm leaving it. He knows it's there. He is ashamed," she continued. "Nothing is getting solved... I'm shaking. Nothing is getting solved today. Nothing is getting solved tomorrow. I have children. I know we're angry. I'm so angry. I'm so angry at him, but please, guys, there are other ways to support me, and cutting off my financial stability is not it. I beg of you, please."

This video has been shared on Twitter as well, bringing hundreds of thousands of views. "Do not tell the internet all your business. This lady posted that her husband cheated. It went viral. Now people trynna get him fired. Now her financial stability is at risk because they’re a one-income household. Now she’s afraid for her future," Twitter user @MrsJellySantos wrote. Many people in the comments couldn't believe that this woman would think it was a good idea to air out her dirty laundry in public, knowing that her husband is the family's only provider.

"Making a video about your husband cheating (with no intention to leave obviously) & posting it on the internet when you literally rely on him for everything is nuts. Whether ppl tried to get him fired or not, he could leave her off the strength of posting about their business," someone replied.

"I swear it’s okay to take your L’s in private," someone else commented.

"Ppl also HAVE to stop divulging their literal personal business and affairs on the internet. Telling complete strangers the intimate details of your life and family business is crazier than ppl retaliating against that man imo," someone wrote.

There's certainly a lesson here. While this kind of content will no doubt bring in millions and views and probably thousands of new followers, we now live in an era where people have no problem digging up personal details and trying to ruin someone's life for whatever reason. It's probably best to keep your private life just that—private.