TikTok Nurse Apologizes For Suggesting Natalia Dyer's Face Needs Cosmetic Procedures: "I Did Not Mean To Offend Anyone"

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A nurse practitioner and advanced injector who goes by @np.miranda went viral for posting a TikTok where she inspects Natalia Dyer's face and suggests a laundry list of cosmetic procedures she can get to change her face. She's now apologizing due to the backlash.

Miranda made a video with Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer in the background, listing off all the cosmetic procedures she would recommend if she were to walk into her office. "If I was Natalia's injector, this is what I would do," she said at the beginning of the video.

She suggested a chin filler, Botox, a brow lift, and lip filler to give her "just a nice pout." She photoshopped a photo of what Natalia's face would look like if she got all these procedures done. The most baffling thing is, Natalia looks worse in the second photo. The whole video received much backlash online, and now Miranda is apologizing for even making the video in the first place.

TikTok Nurse Apologizes for Suggesting Natalia Dyer's Face Needs Cosmetic Procedures

Miranda deleted the original TikTok and posted another video to "clear the air" and apologize. "I did not mean to offend anyone, including Natalia," she said. "I was simply just offering suggestions, not on what you have to do, just on what the possibilities are."

"As an advanced injector that's what we do. We look at faces, we assess and look at the possibilities. Not on what you need to do, or what you have to do, they're simply just options." She also shared the procedures that she got herself, including Botox, lip and cheek filler, and a brow lift. She showed a "before" picture of herself and said she fixed her masseters in order to slim her face, also showing an "after" photo.

"Hoping to clear the air that I was not suggesting that Natalia NEEDED any of that work it was just an example," she wrote in the caption. "Of course Natalia is absolutely stunning the way she is…that’s why she’s so successful. Her photo was simply an example. Im sorry if people took that as being mean or rude, that was not my intent at all." [sic]

The comments are turned off, but the video has more than 296,000 views.

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