A Nurse Practitioner On TikTok Wants Natalia Dyer To Get Several Cosmetic Procedures Done On Her Face

You'd be hard pressed to find an A-list celebrity today who has never had any work done on their face. Natalia Dyer seems to be one of them, but a plastic surgeon on TikTok made a video about all the procedures that she would recommend to Natalia if she were her patient.

By Gina Florio1 min read
natalia dyer

The conclusion of Stranger Things 4 made the whole cast the center of attention for weeks on end. Natalia Dyer played the role of Nancy, a character who is caught in a bit of a love triangle in the series. While Natalia has risen in popularity and is loved by many, a nurse practitioner on TikTok has decided to inspect her face and suggest a laundry list of cosmetic procedures that will supposedly make her prettier.

Nurse Practitioner Reviews Natalia Dyer's Face on TikTok and Recommends a List of Cosmetic Procedures

A nurse practitioner who goes by @np.miranda on TikTok is an advanced injector at Hebe Skin Health in Long Beach, CA. She made a TikTok with Natalia's face in the background, explaining what she would do to her face if she were her patient.

"If I was Natalia's injector, this is what I would do," she said to kick off the video.

She suggested a chin filler to help create more of a heart-shaped face, then a procedure that will help her face look slimmer. Miranda also said she would add filler to Natalia's lips: "just a nice pout." This would all be followed by Botox, particularly around her eyes to give her a bit of an eye lift. She also mentioned another procedure that would create more collagen in her skin because she suspects that Natalia's skin is on the thinner side.

Miranda even photoshopped an "after" photo to represent what her work would look like. And Natalia is nearly unrecognizable. Most people in the comment section are unhappy with Miranda's suggestions and would prefer Natalia's natural face.

Many other comments criticized her for the video, insisting that this kind of unhealthy behavior is exactly why so many young women feel insecure about their natural beauty and resort to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.