This Scene From "Inventing Anna" Is Trying To Normalize Straight Men Using Women's Bathrooms, And We're Not Okay With It

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Inventing Anna

Sometimes it feels impossible to watch TV these days without some kind of radical message being shoved down our throats. Netflix's "Inventing Anna" is yet another one of those shows that tries far too hard to pedal a radical narrative to its audience that has nothing to do with the actual storyline.

Everyone has been talking about Inventing Anna, a Netflix series that covers the true story of fake socialite Anna Delvey who was convicted of fraud and served four years in prison. Julia Garner plays Anna, alongside an ensemble cast that includes Laverne Cox, Anna Chlumsky, and Arian Moyed.

While everyone has been bingeing on the nine episodes, we couldn't help but notice one scene in particular that was a subtle push of radical gender theory.

This Scene of Inventing Anna Is Trying To Normalize Men Using Women's Bathrooms

In episode four, Vivian (played by Anna Chlumsky) is using a public bathroom. As she walks out of the stall, Maud comes in and yells, "Anna stole a fucking jet!"

Vivian begins to wash her hands as Barry, played by Terry Kinney, waltzes into the bathroom and heads towards a stall. In case you're not familiar with the cast, Barry is a man.

Not surprisingly, Vivian looks back at him from the sink and says, "You know this is a ladies room, right? I was peeing in here."

Barry's response is the perfect representation of gender theory being shoved into mainstream culture today.

"Gender is an outdated concept, urine is universal," he says as he walks into a stall to do his business.

"Gender is an outdated concept, urine is universal."

Yet another man walks into the bathroom, but this time just to chat with the women, not to actually use the toilet.

The whole scene passes by pretty quickly, but it's certainly a subtle message being given to the audience. And that message is: It's 2022! It shouldn't matter who uses the women's bathroom!

We've seen more and more gender theory taking over American culture lately, whether it's in TV and entertainment (like the truly awful Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That) or in everyday life like the trans UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas wrecking all the women's records. But this scene from Inventing Anna takes it even a step further. Not only should women accept trans women in the bathroom because they supposedly look like and appear to be women, but we should also accept straight men in our bathroom — because, after all, gender is just a social construct, right?

Our culture is far too afraid of being offensive than we are of preserving objective reality and protecting same-sex spaces.

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Inventing Anna, is known for being insufferably woke, but this is a whole new level of intersectionality. And it's a level that we should all vehemently reject. The problem is that our culture is far too afraid of being offensive than we are of preserving objective reality and protecting same-sex spaces. That's exactly why we end up with TV shows that tell us that "gender is an outdated concept" and normalize men waltzing into the women's bathroom while ladies are doing their private business. This nonsense will only escalate more and more (which is how we ended up with Lia Thomas swinging around his penis in the ladies' locker room at UPenn) if we don't put our foot down and demand sanity. What we see on TV soon becomes a reality in our everyday life.

This scene of Inventing Anna may be short and passing. But it is significant because it represents the direction our culture is headed in — and it's not a direction that women will be happy with when they realize that their private spaces are being infiltrated by creepy men who feel comfortable and empowered taking out their penis in a room full of women.

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