This Is The Easiest High-Protein Breakfast I Assign To All My Weight-Loss Clients

Almost all of my clients ask me what they should eat in the morning if they want to kick off the day to a good start. My answer is always this: eat a high-protein breakfast that will keep you feeling full and satisfied for a good chunk of time.

By Gina Florio2 min read

Not only does protein make you feel fuller for longer, but it's the only thing you eat that builds lean muscle in your body, which is essential to speeding up your metabolism and burning fat faster. Before you ask, no, you will not get "bulky" if you eat a lot of protein every single day. In fact, eating a sufficient amount of protein will help you reach your fat-loss goals faster.

The biggest mistake I see women make when they're trying to get lean is not eating enough protein – or not eating enough calories in general. As a general rule of thumb, women with fat-loss goals in mind should be eating this much protein: multiply 0.8 by your weight in pounds, and that's the number of grams of daily protein you need. Even better is "eat your weight in protein," which just means eat one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

That's why breakfast is so important. It's a great chance to fit in a solid serving of protein to kick off your day right and consume enough calories so that your metabolism is revved up for the day. Some people aren't a huge fan of breakfast, and that's okay. Every body is different, but if you're someone who enjoys breakfast and you're trying to fit in extra protein to achieve fat loss, this meal is the perfect start to your day.

The biggest mistake I see women make when they're trying to get lean is not eating enough protein.

This High-Protein Smoothie Only Has 3 Ingredients

Most of my clients are moms, and all of them are busy, working women who are looking for easy ways to hit their nutrition goals. I assign them this simple protein-rich smoothie that gives them 25 grams of protein.

These are the only three ingredients:

Prioritize your protein and stick to nutrient-dense foods.

You can of course add anything you want to this, but this is a good base to start with and many of my weight-loss clients enjoy just having this since it's relatively low-calorie but packed with protein. Make sure you're choosing a protein powder that you enjoy the taste of (I love the flavors of this protein powder), because that's going to make it much more enjoyable. I've seen far too many clients try to stomach a protein powder they don't like, and it just makes it impossible to hit the protein goals for the day.

Toss all of these ingredients into a blender and enjoy! Starting off your morning with a protein-rich breakfast will make it easier for you to make good choices throughout the day with your diet. Prioritize your protein and stick to nutrient-dense foods.